Photo Montage – Tips via Images

Here is a quick photo montage, inspired by this post. While the tips here are presented in a light hearted manner, the tips are quite helpful. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I need to get my hands on one of those famous golden Apple Macs before I can do some real graphic design ;). Writing this post was alot of fun, picking images and thinking of tie-ins for them. Anyway I hope you enjoy reading this. :

Tips in Photos


1) Don’t hide yourself away, make yourself known! It’s the internet, so do remember that anyone could read what you are saying.

montage 2

2) Once you find your topic and audience, drive on. It’s like a downhill ride. As you’ve already done alot of the hard work.


3) Practise and refine your blogging skills by trying new things and learning from others.

montage 4

4) Get someone famous on your side. Contact other bloggers in your niche, either by commenting or directly via email. A link from them might get you a lot of readers.

montage 5

5) Wave your hands in the air and get yourself some attention. Be a bit outrageous and tell the world why your blog is so great.

montage 6

6) Post photos, personalize your blog and spice up your posts with photos.

montage 7

7) Have a nice well laid out theme. This is your stage to deliver your message, so pay attention to your presentation.

monatge 8

8) If you find yourself going away or not being able to blog on a certain day, you should organise some kind of post and use the automatic posting to deliver your message. Keep regular !

montage 9

9) Sit back and relax and enjoy blogging.

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  1. Here is another one ofthose postswith images to explain my message. I find these posts great fun, and I hope you do too. Here are some tips about blogging, this time I am looking at more ways to relax and to enjoy blogging. When you are happy you are more likely to create higher

  2. True Glen, I mean that for the first point, that you need to get the word out about yourself.

    Glad you liked it Mahdi ! Thanks for your visit and comment 😀

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