Cloud Blogging Review

We were looking for a review of Glen’s programme, Cloud Blogging, but we weren’t able to find anything. I must admit that I was a little surprised, sure there are plenty of testimonials from his website, or on the sales page itself. But a real, third party review of the system he uses, well we were disappointed when we couldn’t find one. Perhaps Mr. Glen Allsopp (or Dirk de Bruin for that matter) , when he sees this, he will contact us and offer us a copy so that we can do a proper review, and see what the whole six module system is all about.

Often it happens that some blogger or other has success, and they publish how successful they are, and readers to the blog just see the success. They don’t see the hard work behind it. Hard work might be the actual grafting, like searching niches to find one that isn’t overly competitive, while still offering a chance to make money. Or the hard work might be more in the sphere of intellectual aspect. Glen from Viperchill has lots of great ideas, he tests them, and shares the results openly.

The hard part of setting out in making your online living is that it’s easier to make money when you are already making money online. Going from $0 to $1 per day in AdSense earning might seem easier than going from $5-$15. But we’ve seen that in fact the opposite is the case. It seems counter intuitive, but when you think about it closer you will see where we are coming from. If you are already showing some level of success, you’ve taken the steps to know what ads work on a page, where to put them on a page to  so the will be clicked, etc.,etc., then you have already show that you have the aptitude to make money. After that it’s just a scaling issue.

The secret to making money

Well it’s simple, sell something for more than you have paid for it. If you can buy an item, for $1. And you can sell it for $1.10, giving you a profit of $0.10, now for every 2000 of these you sell, you will make $200. You’d be surprised just as to how many people do just this, but take a look at eBays listing for ebooks and I know you will find sellers who operate on this type of margin levels.

Cloud Blogging Strengths

After looking at the sales page, one of the more attractive pieces we read was the fact that Glen presents actual case studies. By studying how someone was successful from idea conception to implementation to monetization, you should be able to see the key points and decisions as to how they became successful. For this reason alone we would say you should consider buying Cloud Blogging.

Anyway back our Cloud Blogging Review, sadly we don’t have one to share, as we don’t have the $67 to spend on this product right now. But, if you have used the system, and you would like to share your thoughts on it please, please (please) leave your comments below.

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