So much for having a Competition

Earlier this month I offered a competition which had two prizes of hosting and a domain for a year. Sadly there was only two winners, but I won’t let that take away from the competition. In fact having just two entries means that I don’t have to worry when people think that I was unfair and that I picked someone out myself. So well done Chris and Philip, I hope that you will have fun with your prizes ! Thanks again to for providing the prizes !

I’m thinking now that I was a bit naive only posting and mentioning the competition once, but I didn’t want to keep pushing things on people. And I’ve already stated that I am not a big fan of competitions myself. I did win $100 from Angel before, and I gave 1/2 of that away in a competition on I’ve learned that running a competition is a bit more work that I thought it would be. Trying to get people to enter is harder than it sounds. I mean I was giving away FREE hosting and a FREE domain to someone just leaving a comment on a post. But even that seemed too tough for someone to enter. Anyway I’m not going to be too discouraged, I’ll keep my head up high and continue on what I do great 😉 !

There has really been a lack of updates here, and well not giving too much away, it’s been for personal reasons. I can tell you it’s due to a new job. But besides that I am keep my lips pretty tightly sealed !

I hope every has had a peaceful and relaxing Christmas, I know I’ve had !

8 thoughts on “So much for having a Competition

  1. Is the competition done? 🙁 Ow well, I’ll just wait for the next one. If there will be any

  2. well one of the winners never got back to me so I can fix you up with that prize ! See it always pays to ask 😉

  3. that sucks, I have been so busy, but I would have entered … just trying to get back into the mix of things!


  4. Thanks for the kind words Darin. I guess people were very busy the few weeks before Christmas. Maybe I will run another competition and choose the time frame more carefully. At least I have 2 happy winners 😉

  5. That would be nice. I’ll make sure to join on time next time.

    I’ve also checked my email and already forwareded it to hostcolor. Thank you so much! 🙂

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