Finding Blogging Niches

Here is a run down of using Google trends for niche researching. This tool serve as a guide to picking your niche, or at the very least researching your niche. It is very important to know how often people search for your topic. This way you should be able to maximize your online earnings.

Google Trends

Here is an example from Google Trends. I compared the number of people searching [canoe trips] and [white water rafting]. It’s as easy as entering the two phrases with a comma inserted between them.

how to choose what to blog about

Here you can see there a much more people who search for the latter term. Also you see that people only search for canoe trips at a certain point of the year (summer naturally). If I had a choice I would aim my blog more towards the search term that has more searches and is a little more regular. These tools will help your blog reach it’s maximum reader ship.

Blogging Research

Google Trends can also show you if some terms are getting more and more popular over time, and this can be a great way to start to blog about the next hot thing. As an example, I looked at the search traffic for [beijing olympics] and as you can see it will only be increasing before things kick off in the summer of 2008.

The next blogging trend

Here you can see there has been a great increase in people searching for this term over the last year. And it is likely that it will increase, so if you are interested in sports and the Olympics, you could generate some great search engine traffic by getting in early and blogging about the Olympics in Beijing in 2008. Granted there could be much more competition in this area, so you will need to check out what blogs are already out there. But aiming high and targeting the more popular keyword could pay off for you in the end. Also if you position yourself early, you are a lot more likely to rank higher on the SERPS. This could be the difference it getting 200 readers a day and 1000+ readers a day.

Finding a good niche to write about can sometimes be like finding a needle in a hay stack. But by using this technique, maybe you can find something that will really pay off in the long term.

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  1. made it as a money-generator” is that when I set it up, I decided to do so with monetizing in mind. Becky, over at Preblogging, has some great tips for to follow before setting up your blog, includingchoosing your blogging niche. I would also recommend that before you get started on creating a blog (that isn’t a personal blog) that you check out this article on problogger about choosing your niche . Despite having the same topics, the articles have a vastly different focus.

  2. like me who is always looking for another way to say ‘communicate’. You look up words to find not only their meanings but also their concepts and how they are associated with other words. Thanks to Jayne at About Blogging for pointing me toStart Blogging: Google Trends: Search Engine Optimization : this tool is a fantastic guide to choosing your niche or bringing more focus to your niche. It lets you know the trends for keywords in order to know how often people search for the topic(s) you write

  3. . When you are happy you are more likely to create higher quality material. If you are having a tough time to find what to blog about, maybe some of these tips will help you, or else you should find anew Group blog blogging Group weblog niche

  4. Excellent tip. I appreciate your graph showing the contrast…if new bloggers would use information like this more often it sure would cut down on the clutter in the blogosphere! Found you via blogrush and will be linking to you!

  5. Thanks for the tip Becky. I’d quickly glanced at Google trends before, but never thought of using it to compare things in this way. It should be useful.

  6. Google Trends has saved me the trouble of starting a blog once or twice. I realised there was not much traffic for a certain niche, so I decided to search further.

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