Free FaceBook Ads $100 voucher

Maybe you have been sleeping for the past 6 months, and you are not aware of FaceBook, or FaceBookAds, here is a great way to try it. The trail is completely free, and via VISA you get a voucher for $100 worth of ads on the social network FaceBook.

As part of VISA’s Business promotion, you can get a voucher for $100 advertising credit. To get this free credit all you have to do is

  1. Log into FaceBook
  2. Add the Visa Business Network App to your FaceBook profile
  3. Once added, Facebook/VISA will send you an email with a code, and you can use this to claim your advertising credit

This offer is open to existing and new users of the FaceBookAds system and is valid for both CPC and CPM campaigns. With $100, you are sure to be able to get quite a few leads. Maybe some people will find this of interest.

15 thoughts on “Free FaceBook Ads $100 voucher

  1. wow, thanks for that becky, i’ll definitely be taking advantage of this offer 😉

  2. If you want the trackback link that bad, you could atleast give me a better link then “will” 😛

  3. Ha John, I thought you would think that someone is writing you into their will.

    No worries smemon, all the best with BeerChief, maybe you can use it to recruit some members !

    My ads for facebook are still in the processing queue after 8 hours or so, so I guess it can take a few days to get them in the system. This is kind of annoying as I wanted something to run over the weekend that was time sensitive.


  4. Hi,
    Can anyone tell me how to Add the Visa Business Network App to FaceBook profile

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