1. Shoemoney Tools First looks

Update 27/10/2008: This is just my personal experience and it may or may not be valid for you. As I mentioned I signed up for ShoemoneyTools. I played around with the tools for a few days and I even bought a domain name through the market place. It was a domain that had some potential, […]

2. Learning about Website Analytics

If you are looking for an introduction to Website Analytics (i.e. looking at the statistics behind your visitors to your blog), then you should watch this video. It is based on this blog post. This is a video by Avinash Kaushik, an Evangelist for Google Analytics. He ddoes a great job talking about the background […]

4. PageRank is Back !

Before Christmas I mentioned that I seemed to be hit with a PageRank penalty, where all my pages were showing PR 0/10. This is not to be confused with PR N/A, which just means that it is not assigned yet, this would be due to google not exporting their PageRank (which they tend to do […]

5. PR0 and proud

EDIT : I am now back to my original pagerank of 3, read more about what I did to get my PageRank back We all know that PageRank is a little bit of a joke, and here is further proof. Today I got an email from my friend waigs.de and he was wondering if I […]

6. Good Morning PageRank

I’ve just noticed something strange here, finally my PR has come of age and now I am a grown up blogger. I am no longer just showing that white or grey bar now I am showing some realy green. Over the last few days there has been some controversy about existing bloggers getting hit for […]

7. Latest PR Update

This morning I was surprised to see that some of my sites now have PageRank (google’s ranking system) on newer pages, but none of my new domains (live since April 07) are really showing and PR on them. I’m not really 100% if the export is totally finished yet but I am surprised that one […]

8. Finding Blogging Niches

Here is a run down of using Google trends for niche researching. This tool serve as a guide to picking your niche, or at the very least researching your niche. It is very important to know how often people search for your topic. This way you should be able to maximize your online earnings. Google […]

9. Google Storage Released

Just a quick note about something from Google: Google are now offering a facility to purchase some backup storage. I would have thought that they would be offering it for free, but alas that is not the case. Still at $20/year for 6GB and $250/year for 250GB it’s a pretty good offer if you have […]