GoogleTime / MadeForAdCents copied ?

Here are two sites I recently came across : and , the latter one, was called an exclusive by our friend Bob over at . These sites both sell a useless (in my mind) program where you can get 85 AdSense ready websites, that all have a slightly custom design, and some basic content. The problem with these sites is that there will be multiple copies of these so called AdSense ready sites, that Google will almost definitely punish you for having such poor content.

Now I would like to give Bob Jones the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe this other person has copied his site. You think that people would at least try to change colors or maybe even headers when ripping a site ? It’s amazing what people will do to copy sites !

I did check the WHOIS and is indeed older than the MadeForAdCents site. Nbody wants to see their hard work plagiarise, and it is sure a terrible feeling when you find out someone has stolen something from you.

Here are the two screen-shots for a comparison:

made for adsense


One of the major differences I could see, and there wasn’t many. Was the price that these programs were being sold for. Neither of these programs are worth the $29.99 from John Cow nor the $49.99 from MadeForAdCents. And I would advice you to spend your money on better things.

UPDATE: GoogleTime is now for sale over at , the last time he deleted my comment questioning the business, so I am not expecting this pingback to go through…

6 thoughts on “GoogleTime / MadeForAdCents copied ?

  1. Some of the more savy amoung us will know how to go after the fraudelant behavior.

    The rest of us would be at a loss.

    Nice detective work!

  2. Hi Becky – I saw some of those on John Chow and they were something like $400. I think it would take a long time to make money back through adsense on that type of site.

    Also, I’m wondering how long Google will take to ban those domains.

  3. Catherine : Google might not ban the domains per se, but I think you might be smartpriced, i.e. any clicks you get will be in the 1 cents to 10 cents range.

    NJC : Thanks for your kind words

  4. My friend just came across this interesting article and thought i should know about this. Just to let you know I am the owner of and I purchased the site from sitepoint. I dont think Bob from johncow is the creator of this site because the guy who sold it to me at the time said this was a turnkey site he created and he sold 2 already. Then few weeks later I found out that the exact template was from

    And you’re right, the sites being sold are crap. Man, I paid $260 for it. I should know better

  5. Does he update the templates or sell the same ones over and over again? Turnkey businesses are becoming more and more popular for newbies to the internet these days as a quick starting income earner. Those that stick at it, are making alot of success. And of course membership websites are being created all the time, and for those that work hard, are creating alot of residual income, which is what everyone at the end of the day is trying to create, look forward to reading some of your future articles

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