Getting Ads

So now you have a blog or a website, and you want to do something with it. If you are not interested in making money with your site, you can skip to part3. For those of you who do, read on ! Making money with your site is easier than you think. This is not a sale pitch, rather more of an explanation to some of the things that can earn you easy money online.

Step 2.1) Display AdSense

The first step, we suggest you Here Google will pick relevant ads for your page. And when someone clicks on it you earn anything from a few cents to a few dollars. AdSense is really easy to use, it’s just as easy as copying & pasting some code into your blog tempate. You will get paid by either check or a bank transfer at the end of the month, once you’ve earned over $100. Yes it’s that easy. Many bloggers are making over $1,000 a month, just from this program. So don’t delay !

adsense explained
In fact, ! The ads at the top of the screen are from them. To sign up is FREE and you will be making money from blogging! One of the strong points for AdSense is that they will match the ads with your content. So if you write about dogs, you are likely to have ads about grooming products, where as if you blgg about cars, the ads will be either car repair or car insurance related. These ads actually add to your site, you are linking to advertisers who are offering products that people are very likely to use. This approach to a website monetization will insure that getting ads for your website is easy and beneficial to your readers.

AdSense Process

  1. Get the HTML code from AdSense
  2. Paste the Ad Code into your site
  3. Sit back and make money the money I make from ads

Step 2.2) Display TextLinkAds

Put text link ads on a page

Here is another great way to make money from existing pages. It’s totally free and it brings you money by doing nothing. It does sound too good to be true, but this program will bring revenue to you by selling links on your behalf. People are making hundreds of dollars per month via this program and so can you ! More can be read [here]. Here is our payout for August 2007.

payment for text link ads

Text Link Process

  1. First Join Text Link Ads
  2. Submit your site and get it approved
  3. Install their ad code and make money the money I make from ads

Next Steps

So now you have a blog with some ads, you are almost ready. You are ready to tweak your blog to get some readers, check part 3 !