Get a Blog

A simple guide to starting to blog

So you want to share your thoughts with the world ? Or perhaps you want to make a little bit of money writing reviews and have some ads on your blog. It’s easy to get started, and here we will show you just how to !

Step 1) Get a Blog

There are a number of places you can get a free blog from, but the most popular blogs are:

Google Blogger WordPress Blog
Sign up [here] Sign up [here]

These are the two major players, and personally I don’t think it’s worth looking at the others. These provides give you everything you need, including nice free styles to start off with. All you need to do is fill out the form and give them your email address. Starting to blog is quite easy, and these services remove the need for you to register a domain name or get web hosting. A hosted blog is a great way to start in the world of blogging

Note : For more reading on setting up your WordPress Blog, you can see this video about setting up your WordPress blog.


Next Steps

So now you have a blog, you are ready to add some nice features. Check part 2!

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