Get Indexed

Our blog is ready to go, but maybe we should spend the time in tweaking some parts to make sure everyone can see us, before we start writing.

Step 3) Free Advertising

Here are few tips to get your blog started and noticed:

  1. Submit to Google:By doing so google will index your site and it will appear on searches. It’s as easy as going [here] and filling out the form. Google will start to visit your blog witin 24-48 hours, and you start to get search engine traffic.
  2. Get a FeedBurner account and direct feeds through FeedBurner.
    Most probably your blogging software will automatically provide an RSS feed capability. However, chances are that you may not be able to track how many readers are subscribing to your feed. By burning your feed via FeedBurner, you can get those statistics. Again, it only takes a few minutes to setup a free account on FeedBurner [here].
  3. Allow users to get your blog via email.
    You will be amazed how many people want to read your blog via their email. It’s easy to set that up. You can get a script to do that by registering at Feedblitz, [here]. This will inform them of your new posts and encourages your readers to visit.

We have the blog (maybe some ads), we have an way to be found, now all we have to do is write, check part 4 !

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