User Interaction

It’s very important that you pay encourage feedback from your readers and that you openly ask for feedback and comments.

Step 5) User Interaction

These steps can make a good blog, a very good blog:

  • Thank Readers:When someone replies to one of your posts, you should take the effort to reply to them, either via email or as a comment. This will show that you appreciate your readers. Having discussion with readers will show that you are open to comments and/or criticism.
  • Show your sources:If you quote an interesting article or blog or other source, do give the original source of the information. This will allow your readers to read more if they wish. Rather than having to search for the extra information themselves.
  • Read & Comment on similar blogs:
    By reading other blogs and commenting, and using your blog’s address in the URL field, you may find that you will gain readers from other blogs. Do make sure that you are contributing something to the blog you are commenting on, otherwise it may be classed as SPAM. Also this technique will help you stay on touch with related stories.
  • Link, Link, Link:Blogs need links to grow, be generous with giving out links and you will find that other will link to your one too. Also don’t be afraid to ask for links in exchange for links on your website.

Next Steps

So now you have a blog, with readers and maybe you are making money too. You need to spend time developing your blog, and concentrating on creating content. In the coming weeks I will add some advanced topic posts here. So do check back.

Learn about SEO

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