Emails that say alot but don’t tell you anything

My time on this earth is short, or at least I don’t have time to be dealing with people who send me fruitless emails. If you are sending me an email be to the point. If it is about some great new fantastic thing, just send me the link. Don’t beat around the bush and pretend that I will have have the time (and interest) to get the information out of you. There are plenty of other people who are sending me enough information. Take the following email as an example:

Firstly, I love your site and it looks great.

I notice that you are running Google ads on your website. I would like to show you how to earn revenue from 100% of your website visitors, not just the ones that click an ad.

Starting In February there is a revolutionary style of advertising launching. As the webmaster, you will be paid for every visitor that comes to your site and your visitors will not even have to click on anything! All they have to do is arrive as they do now and you will be paid.

If you would like to know more about how this new system will work, contact me and I can provide you with more details.



Writing Promotional Emails

Now I’m sure it may be a great service that you will be bringing, but why not include your URL ? You website is your business card, use it, paint it on your forehead and tell everyone about it. Don’t beat around the bush, because in doing that you will make sure what little interest people will have about your service will be gone. This emails’ last paragraph doesn’t do it to me, if you are an advertiser of something new and great, well you should be GIVING ME the information, rather than letting me have to ask for it !

Writing Promotional 101

When you are trying to inform someone about you new great blog, try and include the following things :

  • Your Real Name
  • The URL of the item you are promoting
  • A list or description of your product
  • Details of what your product has achieved already

When you are trying to get someone’s attention, remember that you will only get one chance. Try and put some thought into how you want the reader to feel at the end of your email. Have you explained everything, but avoided not boring the hell out of them? Have you left them wanting to hit the reply button and sign up, or have you left them in a state that they will have to check out your website? I would also consider addition some tracking to the email you send to the people, find out how many people are clicking your links in your emails. How many people get as far as your sales page. Knowing more about how people react to this marketing mails will help you in the long run.

And above all, don’t be like this guy Steve who sent the above email.