Take a break from posting & your RSS subscribers may increase

It’s been awhile since I have posted here on the blog, and this is just a little update to say that yes I’m alive. I’ve been busy trying some new things, even bought my first car (in cash) so things have been hectic. One of the reasons why I haven’t posted recently is well because I didn’t have anything worthwhile to post. I feel that the blogging guide is expanding nicely, and serves as a nice blogging guide. I’ve also gotten a few emails from people thanking me for my efforts in explaining blogging so simply.

Since I release my WordPress Plugin last month, I’ve also gotten a few offers of work, to custom program some things ! For me, a self thought programmer it’s great to see that people actually like my ideas and my programming. 🙂

RSS subscribers increasing when you don’t post ?

One strange I’ve noticed, and which is the reason for this post, is that since my last post on March 3rd, almost a month since now, my RSS subscribers has risen by 50%. Granted they are not quite at Tyler’s level yet. It’s funny to think that more people have subscribed when I am not posting regularly. Here is a screen shot from my FeedBurner account:

increasing RSS subscribers

In the last 30 days I have gained about 54 subscribers, from where I’m not 100% sure. I guess when people visit your blog, and they see that there are great posts on your blog, but you haven’t updated in a bit, they will choose to subscribe, so that they will hear about your next great post. The feed seems balanced enough, i.e. not a massive percentage of users, who use the email option or from Google FeedFetcher.

breakdown of RSS subscribers

One of the changes to my blog, before I took a break from posting, was the addition of the BIG RSS button on the left hand side of the blog. It might be that little bit too big, but it seems that people are noticing it, and more importantly clicking on it to subscribe to the RSS feed. Here is the famous image to the right:

This doesn’t seem like the typical advice on how to increase traffic. Do you look at how your feed numbers react when you don’t post, or when you step up your posting frequency ? Or how about when you add comments to other sites, do you find that that is a good way to increase RSS subscribers ? For me it seems I had it easy, all I had to do was take a break from posting, and readers increased ! Maybe you too need a break, do keep an eye on the number of people through feedburner. And another good thing is that my traffic appears to be on the up and up !

And just before you go, why don’t you subscribe to my feed ? 😉

Update July 11th

Here are some ideas for the Building RSS subscribers competition

  1. As above, take a break from posting and let people read your archives
  2. Put a big button on your site to encourage people to subscribe.
  3. Use the Comment Relish Plugin, to thank people for their comment and tell them about your RSS link.
  4. Create a page about subscribing.
  5. Offer email subscription (via FeedBurner.com).
  6. Track your subscriber count and display it once it’s over 50 readers (via FeedBurner.com).
  7. Offer a competition to get people to sign up for your feed via email. On FeedBurner you can easily see these new users.
  8. Create something worthwhile like a plugin for wordpress, and mention your feed on those pages.
  9. Add the wordpress plugin What would Seth Godin do to welcome new blog readers and to mention your RSS feed.
  10. and use FeedBurner.com

If you complete all of the above, I can assure you your RSS subscribers will increase.

9 thoughts on “Take a break from posting & your RSS subscribers may increase

  1. I think I wrote about not posting everyday will actually benefit you more… and it looks like it did for you!


  2. Although, when I had a short break from blogging in early January, my subscibers went from 38 to about 19, a 50% dip…Maybe a should have had a longer break, as you did…lol…

  3. This is a very interesting idea. Although quite new to the whole blogging phenomenon, I have been reading quite a bit on blogging and blogging success lately.

    This is the first time that I have ever noticed this kind of result being published. Congrats on your increased readership, although this could probably use a disclaimer attached that says — only after your site has LOTS of great content to draw traffic to begin with.

  4. Hey Becky, you should enter this unusual tip in my Building RSS Group Writing Project:


    All you would need to qualify for over $350 in prizes – including consults with Liz Strauss and David Airey – is to link your above article to the announcement post at the above link. Although additional tips before Sunday night’s deadline would increase your chances of winning even more.

  5. Hi Jacob, thanks for the comment and informing me about the competition. I will update the post now. 😀

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