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Early last month I realized that when one of my blog posts was on StumbleUpon, and I started to get lots of visitors, they were stumbling the post, and visiting the other posts on the blog. While the traffic was generally good, I was wondering if I could perhaps capitalize a little on the traffic that I was getting and take it to the next level. I thought about a so called “call to action” to nudge the StumbleUpon users to give me the thumbs up. So I learned a little about writing wordpress plugins and is when Increase Sociability was born.

Increasing StumbleUpon Traffic

Basically what happens is it checks the refer (what page the visitor is coming from) and if it matches either or then it will simply welcome the user and ask them to give you a positive vote if they like the page. I decided to add in here to give the plugin a wider appeal. I tried it out on this page and the results can be seen here, I got over 50 positive votes from this single blog post. I do think there is more than 50 positive votes, but StumbleUpon only shows a maximum 50 people who gave your page a vote. The result was over 22k visitors to that particular page !
Here are some screen-shots of the traffic looking over a month or so, from Google Analytics:

monthly hits

And here you see that I was getting 2k visitors in one day ! And this was to a website that was getting just 10 visitors a day before this.

zoom in on the main days

Google Analytics also reported that the visitors from StumpleUpon looked at 1.26 pages, so there was a high percentage of people who looked at another page of my site. This plugin will certainly increase the percentage of visitors you give you post a positive vote.

Plugin Configuration

To install the plugin simply take the following steps:

  1. Download this file here and extract the zip file and get the file increase-sociability.php .
  2. Upload it to your wp-content/plugins folder.
  3. Go to your WordPress control panel, and visit the Plugin tab.
  4. Enable the plugin called “Increased Sociability
  5. Go to the Options tab, and select the sub tab “Increased Sociability”
  6. Here you can tweak the plugin, but there enough data present to get you started.

Here is a screenshot of what it adds in the message to visitors from the site. You can pick to have this displayed before or after the main post, or both. (pushy eh ?)

how to increase your stumbles

Plugin Options

From your admin panel, in wordpress you select the Options Tab, and then the “Increase Sociability” sub-tab. First you can change the message that will be added into your page when someone visits from StumbleUpon.

add your unique message

Next you can decide whether you want the message to appear before, after or both before and after your post.

pick the location

Also there is an option to add a link back to this page. I won’t mind if you don’t enable it, but links back are always welcomed

feel free to link back to me

Once you have done that, click Save, and you are good to go !

Gaiming StumbleUpon ?

One of my friends who I shared this plugin said that I was kind of “gaiming” StumbleUpon. The plugin only serves as a reminder to help people to either digg or stumble your post. It is still up to the user to click that icon to give you the vote. Increase Sociability is just a smart way to increase your traffic from social media sites, and ultimately to increase your visitors/sales/revenue !

Discuss this Plugin

If you have questions/comments/feedback on this plugin you can leave it here. If you have found the plugin useful and you would like to say thanks, then you can buy me some toast, just click the link below.

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