PageRank 4 celebration

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Well I’ve just noticed that I am showing up as having a nice green bar with a PageRank of 4. And to celebrate this Sunday, I am going to use my power to generate some cash. If you would like to be on my blog roll for a month just paypal me $10 and I will add you. You can send the money to These are offered on a first come first serve basis, and there will be a maximum number of ten links. Send your money and contact me at the same address with the URL and the title text requested. As a bonus, and as a way to make things easier on myself, these links will remain until the end of February.

PageRank update 2008

The last time there was an update was back in October 2007, and many people were upset on how the feared out at the end of the day. Now things have seemed to have settled after the pagerank bloodbath. If things keep going like this I will reach the half way mark on the pagerank ladder, i.e. PageRank of 5, around the time of my 1 year anniversary.

Have you noticed any increase in your sites ? I’ve seen about 1/2 of mine change. One even went up to a PageRank of 6, which is a first for me.

pagerank celebration

So now I am a happy camper, I think I will go back and finish my wine. I noticed that it had this really neat Braille on it. Cheers !

If you want a link, you better hurry fast. I don’t expect these to be here that lon

14 thoughts on “PageRank 4 celebration

  1. waigs I’d say you are being penalized for having TLA on your site. If you are bothered by PR then I would remove it.

  2. I wouldn’t start selling links if I were you. Congratulations on the PR4, but selling links will make it go down in no time. I thought I’d go up to a PR4 or PR5 this time around, but I dropped to a PR0 – all because I was selling links.

    Good luck though, and good job. 🙂

  3. Tay I guess it all depends on whether you are happy with PR0 and making money from links, or you would like your PR and try to go under the radar a little with sold links.

  4. Hi—Becky:

    Aren’t you afraid to lose the PR again, i mean you just got it back. Why risk it?

    I read somehwere its a 2 strikes and you’re out kind of thing. If they catch you again, they wont reconsider a 2nd time. I’ll have to look and see where i read this.

  5. Hi Becky – Decreases for me all round. I have more inbound links, but maybe I just have to many outbound ones – I don’t know.

    What did you do to increase your PR?

  6. Hi Catherine, I have done a few things. One was to get some good value links from people who are new to blogging, but are also gaining many inbound links.

    I added no follow to pages like my contact me page to avoid page rank getting pushed to there.

    Missy, I am not selling links, rather renting them 🙂

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