PageRank is Back !

PageRank is back

Before Christmas I mentioned that I seemed to be hit with a PageRank penalty, where all my pages were showing PR 0/10. This is not to be confused with PR N/A, which just means that it is not assigned yet, this would be due to google not exporting their PageRank (which they tend to do about 4 times a year). So back at the start of December I sent off a query via Google’s webmaster tools. You can read it here, basically I proclaimed my innocence to the high heavens. I also resubmitted similar reports at regular two week intervals, just in case my message was getting lost in cyberspace. But before I did I took some steps to show that I am one of the good ones….

How to get your PageRank Back

When looking at my blog, I tried to see what I had done wrong or where I could be penalized for selling links. I mentioned in things like my advertising that all ad links are nofollow’ed. But I did see that once, way back when, I had included some code from payperpost (via a tinyurl link) in my footer that included some things for payperpost, I think it was some ranking code. So once I did these steps I sent the reconsideration form and waited.

One further thing to make me think that my PageRank has been reinstated, is the fact that I have started to put some of my internal pages as no follow, like my contact page and my privacy policy. If it was an update I would expect these values to be decreased significantly.

PageRank Bloodbath

As mentioned by some, Google did quickly remove my pagerank. But they were also nice enough to return it once I had taken the appropriate steps to clean up the blog. Now I had not done anything majorly wrong per se, but I did have the PayPerPost code (yes I am blaming them) which could be construed as to me using PPP to sell blog posts.

If you have problems with being set to PageRank 0/10, then I suggest you go to the webmaster tools and request reconsideration, this was something that was mentioned on Matt Cutts Blog, (my comments on that post). The whole process took about a month, but I am glad it finally returned. 😀

P.S. My Bidvertiser Code : BDV-272947-BDV

4 thoughts on “PageRank is Back !

  1. And there I am as well, I am returned back my PR, not PR4 but PR3 but I am happy. I exactly followed the same steps as you did but in my case, TLA was the culprit. I removed their code and requested reconsideration. I just posted about it my latest posts in Jan-08 month.

  2. Hi—I lost the PR 4 on my blog, not sure when, but i would say probably in December. I submitted the reconsideration form about two weeks ago, and removed a few items that might have been the culprit. I do hope the get the PR back.

    From what i can now gather on links and PR, it IS allowed, just one must use nofollow.

    Is that right?

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