The Quality of Entrecard traffic

I’ve been looking at my traffic that I’ve been getting over the past week. EntreCard is a system, which is likened to a business card exchange. Basically you get points when you leave your card at a site and you also get points when you display the other peoples cards on your site. You can then in turn use your points to advertise on other people’s sites. I’ve been using it since the middle of November, and I’ve been very interested about how good the traffic was. Sadly I have to report that EntreCard has (edit) not been great for me. Infact I am so disappointed about using it on here, that I will be removing it from the blog in the coming days.

Some people have posted about how they found EntreCard so great, but I am guessing that is because they were paid to do so. Even Darren Rowse from has it on his site, but he didn’t post a report or recommendation about it to-date. I wonder are these people really happy with the traffic they are getting or are they just happy with the wad of cash they got from using it. I, for one, am not happy with the type of traffic EntreCard sends.

Here is a screen shot of my google analytics from the last few days.

crap statistics

As you can see that the Bounce Rate is 20% higher on compared with the rest of the traffic I get. And the visitors don’t really visit many other pages. For every ten visitors I got from them, only 14 pages were looked at, so 4 out of ten people went a step further and actually looked at a post. Or, maybe 1 person in 10 looked at 5 pages, while the other 9 just looked for the widget and were got quicker than you could say “Thank you PreBlogging”. And if I pick the days carefully, this figure is even smaller !

Entrecard Visitors

Entrecard Visitors tend to visit, find your widget and drop their card, and go along to the next site. After seeing another post where someone says that 95% of traffic from EntreCard is in vain, I’ve decided to do the same. So at the end of the day what is the point in using this system on the site, when the traffic doesn’t get you any extra ad revenue or even comments on posts. Also my feedburner statistics has significantly changed since I’ve been using it. Having traffic for the sake of traffic, isn’t something I want. It seems the only site that is winning from EntreCard traffic is EntreCard it’s self, you can see their Alexa rank rising, and I’m sure they will start to introduce ads somewhere along the way. Since I read their post on how EntreCard credits work I’ve had an idea that they will soon be moving the goal posts.

about entrecard  and it’s traffic

Good Blog Traffic

Good blog visitors are ones that subscribe/post comments/click ads/contact you. And since I’ve been using EntreCard I haven’t seen anything that is worth talking about. You want visitors that will actively part take in your blog, not visit and leave a few seconds later. I’m pretty sure that majority of the 213 entrecards that have been dropped here were by people who didn’t even read a whole article of mine.

Bye bye EntreCard

This is the reason why I will be removing the widget once the current run of approved adverts is finished and I will be giving away my credits to someone who replies to this post, to me they are close to worthless, but maybe one of my readers will be able to use these for some sort of good. I think I have about 40 credits that I haven’t used, so just leave a reply with the email address you’ve used for EntreCard and I will send an EntreCard voucher. Maybe you can put it to more use πŸ˜‰

I’m sure I am not the best person when it comes to spellings, but they have about 60 words on their front page, and they still get something wrong !

mispellings on pages

57 thoughts on “The Quality of Entrecard traffic

  1. Hey,

    Have you tried moving the widget next to your newest blog? once you have a visitor it’s up to you to get them interested. If someone has come with the sole purpose of dropping their card but then they see an article next to it they are interested in they read it.

    If you make people search for the widget they become “blog blind”.

    But hey … waht do I know! πŸ™‚

    Toni x

  2. hheeh, ok if you insist to
    please2 give it to me thanks

    good luck with your quality traffic then

  3. I think you have a misconception for the actual benefit of Entrecard… The majority, if not most of the traffic is as you said, just random bloggers dropping by to leave their card. Although that is pretty much useless, the main goal is the advertising credits.

    Yeah you might be able to grab the attention of 1 or 2 bloggers who drop by to leave their card. But ultimately unless you can find a better way to advertise on sites such as JohnChow with huge volumes of non Entrecard user traffic for “free” this is as good as it gets.

    Those are the users that you have a higher chance in converting, not the ones that come by with their cards.

    This is pretty much why Entrecard has been getting good reviews, some paid, and some not.

  4. Have you ever thought that maybe the quality of your posts /headlines has something to do with your results? If hundreds of people are landing on your site and leaving, you need to grab their attention I’m afraid.

    I’m only mentioning this because I’ve received over 40 comments and over 600 unique hits. The average time on my site for an entrecard user is 1 minute 44 seconds, pages visited is 1.47, and bounce rate 76%. Trading that for a small 125×125 space on my blog… priceless!

    Gimme those credits!

  5. Also, you are completely disregarding the traffic you get from non-entrecard members when you run ads. This is the same as buying an ad for a day on any blog in the network.

    So if I buy an ad on John Chow, thats going to bring me the same traffic from the same non-entrecard users as it would if I bought the space for $500 per month. I just think as the “drop traffic” as bonus traffic, and try to buy as many ads as possible, because an ad is an ad right?

  6. What I’ve seen is a bounce rate of 90%+ with an average stay of less than a minute. It brings in junk traffic but, unlike some other recent widgets, it is actual traffic. It will temporarily help Alexa ranking a little bit but it doesn’t look like it will build anything long term.

  7. It’s way too early to be pulling out imo, they’ve only just started! There’s always going to be problems early on…

    It’s a great idea and at the end of the day, traffic is traffic. If 100 people visit, but 99 people walk away and 1 subscribes to your RSS, then it’s worth it.

    It’s all about exchanging links and just like in the real world – 99% of business cards go in the bin, but people still use them as it’s the 1% that matter.

  8. I admit, most of the traffic coming to my blog isn’t quality when it comes from entrecard but I have had a few and that is what I am doing it for. The advertising on other sites is also enticing and when I have built up enough credits I will start an ad campaign that will target certain days and coincide with posts that I hope will keep traffic at my site. I plan on giving it a few months and see how it works out.

  9. I have found that EntreCard traffic is better than StumbleUpon, or Digg. Besides, over two minutes on the site is not that bad.

  10. I think I understand a little about quality traffic and bounce rate, but I have to say that I pick up subscriptions from trolling the e-card sites. Yours happens to be one of them. I have your feed in my reader since a couple days ago.

    I do real estate, and I blog because it makes me transparent to people thinking of using my services — I also have a blast doing it, but I’m trying to get people to pick up my feed and stay with me through the duration. So I want QUALITY traffic. But I don’t think it HURTS to get bounce traffic. If anything maybe someone will find me, like my area and move here and want to use me as their Realtor.

  11. I saw that your EC is still running and I guess that you still value traffic from EC.

    I admit that I drop my blog card if I saw EC widget on a site, but I do browse for interesting articles or information. Thus, I may not subscribe to your RSS but I still read your post.

    And who lead me to your site ? EC ofcourse.


  12. I can’t believe you’re just giving your credits away. That should tell you something right there about your understanding of making money online to begin with.

    First, Entrecard is NEVER about oodles of targeted awesome traffic that makes you so happy you crap ice cream. Everything you do online is a numbers game. If you get 2 out of every 100 who become new readers then you just got access to those 2 peoples network of friends.

    All for doing what?! Chain dropping 20-50 cards per day and accepting 10 new adverts per week?

    Do you see how you just roll over and quit?! And now you’re not even going to have a contest or something creative to give away your credits and create a little more traffic for yourself….

    Look, I got 4 visits from 1000s of BlogRush ads and my headlines and posts are pretty damn decent. Now THAT sucked.

    Entrecard, like all the other stuff out there is kinda LOOPY and a bit stupid but I think that about everything. Meanwhile, it’s getting eyeballs on your page and visits to your blog.

    Thats potential new readers and directory counter spikers (topbloglist, etc). Think outside the box and give it some time… my god.

    ps. Oh yea, guess how I got here. hmmm? Maybe you’re right. Maybe it IS bad after all! πŸ˜‰
    Here are My Entrecard Articles for You

  13. Surprising how we are ‘paid’ to defend Entrecard in this post πŸ™‚ (and how can they afford to pay hundreds of us)

    And surprising I found your blog through Entrecard.

    Not so suprising you don’t get any result.

    Since you miss the concept- it’s about advertising.

    To advertise well, visit well. If you go to member’s blog and comment, they’ll be back in yours and return favor.

    I bet you don’t do any of those. You disable advertising. You don’t visit. So you just take and provide nothing.

    This is a community. If you don’t like to participate- go to Blogrush.

  14. Well weare going to have to agree to disagree here. Its true that you will have quite a few people that just come by drop their card and then leave. You still earn a credit for that visit so its not a totally useless visit. Not like some bot that comes by to leave their spammy comment. This is a real person visiting.

    I know I spend time dropping cards on some sites. I always read the headlines of the posts while I’m on a site and if it catches me I take the time to read and even to comment if I have something to say.

    While I have stats that show bounce rates are high from this is not the same from the referrals that come from the sites I’m advertising on.

    As far as the comments, I’ve seen comments go up since I started running this card. I have more links coming into my blog whic helps my Technorati rank( A lot of these links are from other Entrecard members who have read something on my site while dropping their card and decided to comment about it on their blog).

    My subscriber count is also going up. Its not near where I want it, but it is going in the right direction.

    And here is another visitor that got here from Entrecard. I see Entrecard as a community of bloggers and like any other community you get out of the community based on what you give back to the community. The people that participate in the community actively are bound to have better results than the people who stand by the sidelines.

  15. BlackZedd, we’re not defending Entrecard, we’re defending the truth of our experience. I think PreBlogger here just jumped the gun, or doesn’t understand that it’s a numbers game and it’s up to the blog owner to turn eyeballs into loyal readers.

    That’s what separates the successful versus the failures and not quitting after 2 weeks.


  16. WOW, did you realize that you can multiply the number of visits (221) by the average time on your site (2 minutes) to get: 442 minutes, or 7 hours. Entrecard brought 7 hours of readership to your blog. Definitely a good move getting rid of that widget. I don’t install a free widget unless its going to bring me 100+ hours of new readership per week.

    the funny thing is… everyone commenting on this post is from Entrecard! Garbage traffic indeed, look at all the garbage comments on this post!

    Maybe I’m a tad evangelical after getting my ad on problogger for a day and getting over a hundred “junk traffic” hits from my ad on that site, to accompany the “junk traffic” I got from an ad on John Chow.

    Oh any my RSS subscribers have officially tripled now. Go entrecard!

  17. Steve, you’re a tad of a few other things, as well. Yes, your recent successes have gone to your head. You haven’t a clue that with 170k new blogs going up daily, most people aren’t even in the same ballpark as you.

    You also aren’t aware that jumping up and down with the equivalent of internet pom poms about having your ad on a well known blogger’s site makes you nothing more than a cheerleader who got a little lucky and got to sleep with the quarterback last night.

    Good for you.

    In the meanwhile, there are 1000s of new bloggers who are unfortunately being railroaded and misled by most “A-list” bloggers who don’t teach financial freedom but rather “how to chase them”…

    …the thing is, what the A-bloggers did to be famous doesn’t work any more, not en masse.. .yet they are teaching it to the masses. Because when THEY did it, the masses were a damn lot smaller and they had FAR less competition.

    The people who are using Entrecard now are desperate for traffic and this bum traffic or whatever you want to call it is more than they’ve yet to see. And many of them are taking responsibility and realizing that you do not blame the “quality of the traffic” but rather your ability to convert it.

    When I got 7 hours worth of 2 minute attention spans, my mailing list would go up by dozens, if not a 100 or more. And that would translate into a few thousand dollars of backend sales dripping out over the course of the month.

    Because I know what to do with all KINDS of traffic and acting as if I’m the reincarnation of Elvis isn’t part of it.

    In short, I think you’re heads grown a little too big for you to see properly. It’s not just you here. It’s 170k new people everyday hoping to blow past you.

    And I intend to see that many of them do.


  18. One way to capture EntreCard traffic is to talk about EntreCard. That stops many drive-by droppers in their tracks. I’ve done 3 posts on it in the past few days and 2 of them are in in the #2 and #3 spot on my all-time most popular list.

    My current take on it is that it is 90% junk traffic but it does help Alexa slightly and that targeting these visitors does get a slightly higher percentage to stick around. I am concerned that early attempts by EntreCard to monetize users will cause the system to quickly collapse.

  19. Guys, you really should let this guy stick to his opinion… which by now you all know it’s wrong.

    I’ve given up explaining to people that EC’s not a passive thing, that you have to at least improve your widget placement, put your most stunning photo on and highlight your best posts. I’ve seen some “from yahoo mail” traffic awhile back and realized that I HAVE MORE SUBSCRIBERS!

    Don’t pressure the guy, just let him quit and be done with it. NOW GIMME THOSE CREDITS. ;D

  20. I also noticed that the other posts on this blog aren’t at all well commented.

    We’re not patronizing you, mr. preblogging, it just so happened that your ad is in the Entrecard blog right now, and we can see it that’s why we clicked. Merry Christmas

  21. Woobie, my comments are two-fold – if they don’t convince him, fine, but they convince others passing through and those become friends.

  22. Entrecard traffic is worthless to increase readership. It is a banner exchange between all you folks. It is idiotic to think it will actually bring you quality traffic. As Frank said besides Alexa there is only one more trick that may actually help as mentioned by Grizz replace the url to your site to a high converting affiliate. Instead of having other idiots drop there card now you can actually push them directly to an affiliate increase odds of making money.

  23. I think getting a low bounce rate is related to the headlines of posts and the type of websites those visitors are coming from….

    If you can have your card on related website you can get good quality traffic to your blog

  24. The bottom line is, there wasn’t a fault with Entrecard, you got traffic, but you failed to convert that traffic into something useful. You could have wound up with a lot of backlinks and tons of comments but you didn’t because you sat on the outside looking in.

    I sincerely wish you good luck with your blog, maybe we’ll meet again someday.

    @vic You are missing an important part of the picture. You want quality traffic? What brings you the most quality targeted traffic? Google does. How do you rank high in Google? There are a lot of factors but the most important is backlinks. How do you get quality backlinks? From other bloggers like yourself and the 1700 other bloggers on Entrecard.

  25. Listen, preblogger. You do what YOU feel to do. If it feels right to remove Entrecard, remove it. If you change your mind and wanna keep it on, then keep it on. It’s YOUR blog, no-one else’s.

    take care…

  26. Interesting. I have found that Entrecard has brought me new readers.

    However, I have a very specialized blog and I appreciate gaining even one new reader, so I’m not complaining.

    I have found that the best approach is to focus on my writing. I edit my posts carefully and try to assure that there are no typos. That’s my best advice. I see a lot of sites that are poorly written — a lot of typos (hint) — and they quickly drop in Entrecard rankings. People have short attention spans and move on if there are too many typos, as well as grammatical, punctuation and/or usage errors.

    Best wishes to you in your blogging endeavor.

  27. Personally, I like Entrecard. It gives me something to do while I’m eating breakfast or brushing my teeth before bed. It doesn’t benefit me but maybe 20-50 new visitors a day, but I don’t spend any valuable time on it, so its all a profit for me.

    I agree the traffic is bogus though πŸ™‚

  28. i will admit that after the first week or being on EC i wanted to get rid of it, but i decided to stick it out, not the majority of my visits and comments are from EC users. I’d say give it a go.

  29. I have seen so many people excited about Entrecard but I could never get past the ugly widget πŸ˜‰ . After reading your post I realize that I probably wasn’t missing anything anyway.
    My goal with my blogs is to offer information to people who are looking for information not people who only want to promote themselves. You always hope that people with stumble upon something they like but that doesn’t always happen. I would much rather put my energy and money into target advertising or niche social networking then using something like Entrecard.
    Great post. I think you have made the right decision.

  30. I agree. I was a fan of Entrecard too. Nowadays I only use the credits to buy the services advertised in the shop. Buying widgets is pretty pointless nowadays.

  31. Well…here is the thing also. There are so many blogs out there about…well, blogging or SEO, that you must differentiate yourself.

    I am a regularly reader of many blogs I have dropped entrecards on. I have discovered many of my favorite blogs that way. Do I read EVERY blog I drop on? NO.

    It is the same principle as surfing the web in general regardless of entrecard. You have 3-5 seconds to catch someone’s attention. Well, maybe 5-10 if someone is on dial up. If you grab them, they will read more. If you don’t, they will surf on. This is the first time I have ever read your blog, because you caught my attention this time. If you did not have an entrecard and I didn’t find you that way, I would have never made a return visit if you didn’t grab me the first time. With entrecard, you got additional chances to “grab” me as a reader.

    Other blog writers know what the game is about. Other bloggers like to have comments so they know people are reading what they have to say. So other bloggers try to make it a point to do that when the article has made them think or feel a certain way, where folks just surfing by may or may not.

    Anyway, good luck with whatever decision you choose!

  32. I like what you wrote. I intended to quit EntreCard these days, and your article is just another black tick for Entrecard on my list.

    As Monday being the official Blog Clean Up Day, I intend to quit EntreCard and remove the widget from my blog.

  33. I have to disagree with you I’m afraid. A lot of the people that comment on my site, subscribe and regularly visit are visitors from Entrecard.

    Of course, my bounce rate went up, but this was to be expected for the amount of drops per day.

    You have to put work into Entrecard and I believe that the hard work I have put into Entrecard has paid off!

    My blog ranking is going up by the day, the amount of subscriptions is also climbing steadily and my blog is also getting more organic Google clicks than ever before.

    I can live with a high bounce rate from Entrecard if it improves other aspects of my site… Which it has done!

    Oh I nearly forgot, I have also found some amazing blogs and people through Entrecard!

  34. I took a look at the card and decided not to use it.

    It is good to try things and assess whether or not you want to use valuable “real estate” in community efforts. However I am finding that many of the popular blogging tools are not something that is of interest or that works for me and my audience.

    I have a different niche but usually wait about 30 days to make an assessment. In fact, I just moved quite a bit off my sidebar this week. Including a scratchback widget. My advertising rates are a better deal for me but it was worth a try.

    Have you tried Crazy Egg? It is useful. Tells you a bunch of stuff and you can move things around and run another test to determine if it is placement tweaking your returns.

    Also pinpoints what and where particular visitors or links are clicking.

    There will always be pro and con. I had another similar service I used that gave points for surfing other blogs. Although I found some interesting ones–I stopped after failing to find ones that would keep my interest and perhaps do cross support.

    Anyway, test away and once you make a decision–move on. There will always be those with differing opinions–ain’t it grand?

  35. It’s nice to see another opinion on Entrecard traffic, from a site that gets more traffic than mine. Looks like most people agree across the board, that Entrecard is just “hit and run” traffic.

    Additionally, don’t use Entrecard if your blog is about

    Video games
    Pretty much any entertainment niche actually

    The “medium boys” (as I call them) in these niches don’t even know what Entrecard is. They follow different trends in link sharing and networking, especially the gamer crowd which is more picky and have shorter attention spans with ads.

  36. I dropped Entrecard quite early on – it skews your traffic figures too much so you don’t if it’s droppers bouncing from your site quickly or possible readers that you just haven’t managed to keep.

  37. I have use Entrecard and maybe the quality of visitor is not too good but I have receive some good comment from my visitors from(Entrecard) and what more good news is I have made some good friends too. So think positive.

  38. I think Entrecard is good for new blogs that just need any traffic and attention they can get but long-term I am really noticing a decline in the traffic they provide, as far as quality is concerned.

  39. The biggest problem I found is while dropping on blogs I picked up viruses so I practice safe dropping and only drop in blogs I know are safe from viruses.

  40. Great analysis. One of the biggest mistake on your blog is you are not putting the date ON your blog post ADN comment.You are not blogging evergreen post.

    Some statement might not accurate as it used to be.

  41. Hi,

    I just recently withdrew from EntreCard. 10 days ago, my bounce rate was 91%, today it is 60%. I’ve also had a dramatic increase in page/visit and time on my site…

  42. I was going to give entrecard a try, after reading their resources they said I could place the widget anywhere on the site. They did not require it to be on the top of the page, but placing it there would drive more traffic. I signed up, placed the widget down on the right side.. now I keep getting denied and sent an email saying that I must place the widget at the top of the page to be accepted. That was enough to make me not want to sign up with it.

  43. Entrecard is useful if you want other webmasters know about your blog. This may help in SEO terms. Other bloggers may backlink to you if the website is useful to theirs.

    For regular traffic Entrecard really really sucks.

  44. I have to say that the points mentioned about traffic with high bounce rates is all I’ve gotten as well. Someone mentioned that they do the same thing when visiting other Entrecard sites too. I am also guilty of not “viewing” sites rather just going to sites to drop off my card. I suspect that 70% (probably higher) of folks with Entrecard do the same. It does make the whole system questionable.

  45. Hey, I don’t think telling you this on your post Why use entrecard, the traffic isn’t worth talking about | Start Blogging would be the correct place but I couldn’t locate a contact page form within your somewhat cluttered theme (sorry). My visitors would always tell me exactly the same thing so I swapped over to a different theme from I’ve only gotten compliments ever since. Best wishes, Euna Deneal

  46. Yeah you might be able to grab the attention of 1 or 2 bloggers who drop by to leave their card. But ultimately unless you can find a better way to advertise on sites such as JohnChow with huge volumes of non Entrecard user traffic for β€œfree” this is as good as it gets.
    Thanks for post..

  47. After reading all 56 comments I’m now undecided as to whether or not I should go for EntreCard. It’s a hard life for bloggers! ; )

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