Quick Link Round Up

It’s not always possible to write the best articles out there, so here are a few links that I have gathered and though they are more than worth of a mention on here

Excellent Affiliate Deal

By the time you read this post I will probably have made over $200 from this program.

SEO Book author Aaron Wall has a great affiliate program, where you can make some serious money promoting this ebook. He will pay you USD $25 for everyone you refer who buys the book. The book is a whopping 328 page walk through of all SEO aspects you should be aware of. Aaron regularly updates the book, so you can be sure that you are referring people to an up to date product. Generally I am a bit wary about promoting affiliate deals or affiliate products, but this one is something you can depend on.If you are interested in learning about SEO, you should buy this book and if you want to make money promoting it then you should sign up for the affiliate program.

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