Some people will do reviews for backlinks, other will come out and ask you for money. I, on the other hand am going to review it for food. So if you send me some food, I will give your blog a once over and offer you some advice on how you can get more out of it.

Banner Advertising

Currently there is one position free for advertising, your banner can be up to 250px * 250px big. This will be shown on all pages on the blog and runs at a cost of $50/month. This cheap price gives you the ability to contact my readers and offer your product or site to them. There will only be one of these sold in each month.

Link Advertising

Currently there is 5 positions free for link advertising, and you can choose the link text yourself. This will be shown on all pages on the blog and runs at a cost of $10/month. For a PR4 (and many internal PR4 pages) website and the type of traffic I receive (people interested in starting to blog) I challenge you to find a better offer than this.

Paid Review

If you have a product or a website and you want some feedback, either public or private I can do so for $150.

  • If it is a blog, I will go through your blog and link to at least 5 of your posts. I will comment on things like the quality of your blog, layout & design and ways to improve traffic and sales.
  • If it is a website, I will sign up for the services you offer and review what I think and feel about your service.
  • If you have a book for me to review, contact me for my address, if it is an ebook you can email it to . If the book is more than 200 pages I may ask for an extra fee to cover my reading time.

Note : The prices are subject to review, and will most likely increase in price as I go along, so order it sooner rather than later !You can read my disclosure poilcy here. Reviews will be honest and unbiased, if you are afraid I won’t like your service, then don’t ask for one ! All links will be with the “nofollow” attribute to adhere to Google’s guidelines on this.


Review Examples

Here are some review examples that I have completed

If you would like a review, contact me now ! Stats

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