1. Cloud Blogging Review

We were looking for a review of Glen’s programme, Cloud Blogging, but we weren’t able to find anything. I must admit that I was a little surprised, sure there are plenty of testimonials from his website, or on the sales page itself. But a real, third party review of the system he uses, well we were disappointed when we couldn’t […]

2. Have you Heard about TNX.net ?

TNX (pronounced Thanks) is the has been generating a bit of a buzz around bloggers for a while. TNX is a a service where webmasters can get text links from other webmasters, and you can also sell links on your pages. If you are trying to promote your website or blog, then this can be […]

3. Female Bloggers List

I’ve just been listed #4 on a list from Enkay, called the Top 6 Female Bloggers. Personally I was surprised (and honored) that someone would consider myself worthy of being part of such list. But I guess it shows that my hard work in the last 2 months is starting to pay off and that […]

4. Win $500 competition entry

Steve McGrath who runs a Blog Directory called 1 Cool File has a great competition. And here is my post about it. 😀 If you enter you can win an amazing $500USD or 1 of the 15 Blog Buffet (valued at $11,50USD/each). But he also want people who are really serious about their blog to […]