To Sell or not To Sell

Over the last few weeks things have been a little crazy with my blogging activities, but now again I am settling down to do some work here. Funnily enough someone approached me last week, in person and started to talk to me about my blog. He started asking lots of questions like RSS subscribers, new visitors, bounce rates, etc. which I know off the top of my head, but I still thought it was strange. He invited me out for coffee after the event to talk more about blogs and blogging. This was when I was starting to get a little suspicious, and asked him why was he interested in my blog. To that he answered that he was thinking of putting in an offer for , which was a low $X,XXX figure. To say the least I was stunned, and a little surprised, but I explained to the potential buyer that it would be a little hard for me to sell my blog, because so much of me is invested in things like this.

Selling your Blog

It’s always hard to separate yourself from your projects, if it was easy it probably means that you haven’t put your heart into it. So I was starting to get some separation anxiety, wondering about the possibility of a bit of cash, but also a bit freaked out that someone would actively seek me out to talk to me. Fast forward 5 days, when I’ve had the chance to think about it and to think about what means to me. I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be very hard to sell out, not only to I love the domain/blog/my readers, but I also don’t think this blog would be the same without the author (me).

People sell out for various reasons, anything from the need for quick cash to personal reasons. One of the factors that also pushed me not to sell was the fact that indeed  I don’t need the cash right now and I would think that if I did get rid of the domain/blog I would not be true to why I started the blog. I also started to think what this blog is worth to me, no purely from ad/affiliate, but from the amount of work I have gotten as a direct result of this blog. This type of residual income can be hard to calculate, some months I earn under $100 (mostly from Wordze affiliate program from people signing up for Wordze) which other months I get to take on 2 or 3 new projects netting well over $1,000. These projects are anything from a business blog setup, to training people on how to blog, to writing custom wordpress plugins for them.

While I don’t think that I am the only person on the planet that can do these things, I also don’t think that just anyone would be able to do it. This means that selling to a potential buyer could also lead to problems for them. Would the be able to do the types of things I do, do they even care ? I would have a problem with selling a blog, if I knew that the buyer would not be able to make their money back in a year. So there is the two sides of the argument, how can you possibly replace the original blogger and how can you achieve the same (or more) success ? These are things you should take into consideration when thinking about selling your blog.

While these points are valid for people thinking of selling their blogs, they are things that you should ask yourself as a buyer.

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4 thoughts on “To Sell or not To Sell

  1. Hi Becky – if the blog is bringing you in work, you’re probably making the right decision in not selling.

    I’ve heard some horror stories where people have bought existing blogs and got burned. In some cases the blogger was only getting their traffic from one source.

    I would find it difficult to sell my blog, because the domain is my own name.

  2. If things are going so well with a blog like that I wouldn’t even bother selling it. I would keep it and rack in the great profits. But that’s just ME.

  3. Even if you have decided not to sell, it’s nice to know there is a market out there in case you do ever decide to. You’ve even got a starting price now!

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