1. Wordze Coupon for October

I’ve been a users of Wordze since the start of this year, I’ve also used some other tools, like Google Trends and Wordtracker. But ever since I signed up I’ve been using it more and more, in fact I do 90% of my keyword reserach and data mining via this tool. As I was signing […]

3. Quick Link Round Up

It’s not always possible to write the best articles out there, so here are a few links that I have gathered and though they are more than worth of a mention on here gavin talks about “is too much advertising killing your website“ john provides a list for “discounts on domain names“ chris talks about […]

4. Dubious Link Selling Requests

In the last two weeks I’ve gotten a spate of similarly worded emails asking me about selling links on some of my blogs. I don’t know what is happening to the market, but this is the second strange email chain I’ve been getting. This new one goes something like this, invariably they contact me through […]

5. PageRank is Back !

Before Christmas I mentioned that I seemed to be hit with a PageRank penalty, where all my pages were showing PR 0/10. This is not to be confused with PR N/A, which just means that it is not assigned yet, this would be due to google not exporting their PageRank (which they tend to do […]

6. Checking your Blog Competitors

I’m always interested in new sites that offer great services, and here is one I came across the other day. It’s really great to use and it can show you rather quickly how good you are doing against your blogging competitors. The website is called SEO Digger dot COM. If you ever wanted to know how Darren or John or others, are doing in the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Position) then it is as easy as filling in a simple form. Using this tool is guaranteed to increase your traffic, and best of all you can sign up for it for free ! Using something like this can help raise your profile in the blogging world and effect your traffic & readership positively !

7. Improve your Blog Posts

I’ve just installed “SEO Slugs” on all of my blogs. Basically it is something that will improve your slugs, or the piece of of the URL that comes after your blog directory of the post. What SEO Slugs does is it removes unnecessary common words like “the, a, and, what, etc” and makes it that […]