Stumbling Along with StumbleUpon

Here is an article I published a while back over at , I have added a few more points and tips that I have ‘stumbled on‘ since writing this article

What is StumbleUpon ? is a unique website, which allows users to jump from random website to random website. It’s great for idling the evening away. It comes in the form of a tool bar add-on for Internet Explorer and for FireFox (download tool bar), and via this you can rate sites and submit new sites. The more positive stumbles a site receives, the more likely StumbleUpon will send users your way.

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What can StumbleUpon do for me ?

Here is a link to my StumbleUpon page for It was submitted here sometime last week, and has received 11 positive votes, which has resulted in almost 1,100 unique visitors in a week. StumbleUpon also offers users to pay for views too. Prices run at about 5 cents per visitor. With getting in essence free visitors to your site, you can be sure that the numbers of commentators and the numbers of people subscribing to your blog will increase.

Will StumbleUpon make me rich ?

Sadly, the answer to this is no. StumbleUpon users aren’t known for being great ad clickers (like traffic), but it can be a good way to increase your traffic and to get some people to start to read your blog or website. For StumbleUpon traffic you need to catch the audience straight away, either with an catchy image or a question or something to hold their interest. Because if you don’t they will click on the stumble upon image image on their toolbar and be off to another website in the blink of an eye !

How to get traffic via StumbleUpon

Some of the more interesting things I’ve noticed in the past is that the more friends you have and the more reviews of the pages you have the better the traffic will be. I’ve also found that contacting the top stumblers and getting them to review your site doesn’t hurt either. You can find the list of top stumblers here. So I simply contacted 10 people on that list and offered my URL to them. And about 4 of them were kind enough to give me the thumbs up on the page.

StumbleUpon Tricks

To get stumbles, can also pay to advertise with StumbleUpon, it costs 5c per visitor and it might be a good way to get a few people to read your site. Or over at MoneySexyTraffic JR has posted an idea on how to get a better return for your StumbleUpon traffic.

Further Reading

If you are interested in reading a little bit more about StumbleUpon and how it can work for you I would recommend that you check out this post here on

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  1. I’m glad you liked it. One of my blogs received over 1k on a single stumble. Sadly I fear that none of them really brought home the (ad) bacon. But it was traffic none the less.

  2. Thanks Becky for the Link! You know I’ve always secretly wanted you and I to link up.

    Becks, you can find me at my new old blog,

    I think you’ll like it better, and oh boy, I’ve got a big blogging trick that I think you’ll like coming up, it’s going to be awesome.

    Love to have you part of the community, will you marry… join my RSS community? 😉

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