1. Blog every day

“Blogging is like exercise, do it every day to see the most progress.” Some people ask, “how often should I blog?”, this is should probably be answered with “how long is a piece of string”. We recommend that you write something every day. You don’t have to hit publish on it, just rather you should […]

2. adsense.com – a quick link

Did you know you can access your adsense account from www.adsense.com ? The domain, which is owned by gooogle, redirects you to https://www.google.com/adsense/app#home but saving you a few keystrokes is always nice. Adsense support Another interesting fact is that if you earn more than $25/week on Adsense you can contact their support services direct via […]

3. Cloud Blogging Review

We were looking for a review of Glen’s programme, Cloud Blogging, but we weren’t able to find anything. I must admit that I was a little surprised, sure there are plenty of testimonials from his website, or on the sales page itself. But a real, third party review of the system he uses, well we were disappointed when we couldn’t […]

4. Facebook Ads get their billing wrong

When you have more than one advertising method, it’s always a good idea to check on their billing. These networks do make mistakes, here is one example. Hi, We experienced an issue this week where we may have charged your credit card for Facebook Ads although you had an active advertising credit on your account. […]

5. To Sell or not To Sell

Over the last few weeks things have been a little crazy with my blogging activities, but now again I am settling down to do some work here. Funnily enough someone approached me last week, in person and started to talk to me about my blog. He started asking lots of questions like RSS subscribers, new […]

6. Bye bye Google Browser Sync *sniff*

Today I read that the handy tool Google Browser Sync is to be discontinued: It was a tough call, but we decided to phase out support for Browser Sync. Since the team has moved on to other projects that are keeping them busy, we don’t have time to update the extension to work with Firefox […]

7. What are the Paypal fees ?

I always have a hard time finding these… here are the current Paypal merchant fees (as of May 20th 2008) US Transactions Costs Monthly Sales Price Per Transaction $0.00 USD – $3,000.00 USD 2.9% + $0.30 USD $3,000.01 USD – $10,000.00 USD 2.5% + $0.30 USD $10,000.01 USD – $100,000.00 USD 2.2% + $0.30 USD […]

8. How to get YouTube news RSS

Many people use YouTube for content in their blogs. (In case you have lived under a rock for the last 2 years) YouTube (www.youtube.com) is a video hosting website. Adding videos in your posts does enhance your content. Using videos for example in a fly fishing blog will help your users learn to fly fish […]

9. Blogs that Sell Out

Today’s gripe about the blogging world is about blogs who sell out to advertisers. More and more I see that blog authors are too quick to accept money from anyone out there to line their pockets. I don’t have a problem with a golfing blog mentioning some golf equipment, because at the end of the […]

13. FeedBurner Back

Never fear for Feedburner have brought back the full details of your RSS history Apparently there was some problem with the code base they used: It’s back! sorry for the trouble. A misconfiguration in a recent code push pulled this option and we’ve since completely restored it. In other news I got features on SearchEngineLand […]

15. WordPress 2.4 Preview

Here is a great first look at what we can expect on WordPress 2.4 The video is from the guys at Tubetorial there stuff is well worth a visit every now and again. It’s not only tutorials about wordpress, rather ones about HTML and Yahoo Pipes too. About WordPress 2.4 I’m really looking forward to […]

16. Dubious Link Selling Requests

In the last two weeks I’ve gotten a spate of similarly worded emails asking me about selling links on some of my blogs. I don’t know what is happening to the market, but this is the second strange email chain I’ve been getting. This new one goes something like this, invariably they contact me through […]

18. Can you Trust DealDotCom

Every now and again I look at www.DealDotCom.com to see what they have on offer, but so far I have not gone through with a purchase. This post is about one that showed up on the 10th of January this year. Basically it was some sort of AdSense booster, named “Ad Boost Wizard“. As far […]

19. AdSense Referral Washout

Last week I mentioned that Google were pulling the AdSense referrals for those people who are from countries outside the Americas (North & South) and Japan. All the publishers who use the system outside these countries will need to remember to remove the relevant AdSense codes from their blogs before the end of January. One […]

20. PageRank 4 celebration

Well I’ve just noticed that I am showing up as having a nice green bar with a PageRank of 4. And to celebrate this Sunday, I am going to use my power to generate some cash. If you would like to be on my blog roll for a month just paypal me $10 and I […]

23. PageRank is Back !

Before Christmas I mentioned that I seemed to be hit with a PageRank penalty, where all my pages were showing PR 0/10. This is not to be confused with PR N/A, which just means that it is not assigned yet, this would be due to google not exporting their PageRank (which they tend to do […]

24. The Quality of Entrecard traffic

I’ve been looking at my EntreCard.com traffic that I’ve been getting over the past week. EntreCard is a system, which is likened to a business card exchange. Basically you get points when you leave your card at a site and you also get points when you display the other peoples cards on your site. You […]

25. What Are Blogs (Video)

The following is a great movie I came across via Donncha. It is a video from the nice people at Common Craft, which explains in 3 short minutes just what exactly a blog is. If you find yourself struggling with the question “what is a blog” I suggest you sit back and watch the following […]

28. How to Develop a Blog

Many people ask me, how should you go about developing your blog ? How should you start to attract visitors and how can you keep those visitors. It’s best to look at this in stages or phases, you need to have a plan of action as how you are going to bring your blog to […]

29. Unhappy with your blog

People often ask me what they should do if they are unhappy with their blog. After the initial burst of energy when they start a blog and tweak the style and layout, and after you get your first readers and first regular commentators, you can feel a little empty. Many bloggers even start to get […]

30. It’s nice to get Feedback

As the title suggests it’s nice to get feedback on your blog, but you have to encourage it in the first place. Such things as displaying your email address, inviting people to comment or having a contact form are such moves that you can make to get feedback. Every time someone contacts me about one […]

31. Our First Sponsor : Host Color

I am proud to announce that HostColor.com have teamed up with us for sponsorship (see their nice square banner on the side). They offer competitive prices on the hosting. For example if you have a blog on blogspot or wordpress and you want to get your own domain and hosting they can help you for […]

32. About Rich Gilchrest

Smart Rich Gilchrest, has picked up on one of my articles about how you can try to manipulate the SERPS of your your blog neighbours competitors by stealing their traffic by out ranking them. So Rich is trying to rank higher than me for the (totally useless) keywords “adsense monkeys”. Clearly he doesn’t know that […]

34. BlogTarts makes me angry

This morning I was googling around and I came across a site called BlogTarts, located at www.blogtarts.com (sorry no direct link for you buddy). While you think, great it has a nice catchy name for a blog, it’s the content is what I have a problem with. See they are posting the start of all […]

35. Don’t forget your RSS Readers

Recently I updated the theme a little (I am still waiting), while I love the theme and the colors, there was something I missed in the upgrade. This theme uses the <–more–> functionality, which allows me to list the first paragraph of the blog post. But WordPress in their infinite wisdom messes everything up when […]

37. ProBlogger.US Starts

Hi and welcome to the blog ! Thanks for visiting today, I hope that I will be able to give you some tips to help you and your be as successful as possible. I will help you take your ordinary blog and turn it into a professional blog. While I am getting this place tidied […]

38. Dubious Trackbacks

Recently I’ve seen an increase in trackback SPAM to my blog here, and it is something that you need to be aware of. Remember that not all of the blogs that link to you are worthy of an approved trackback. Btw. trackbacks are according to my buddy Wikipedia: A Trackback is one of three types […]

39. Blogging all over the World

Sorry readers, I haven’t been so dedicated to blogging on PreBlogging.com in the last few weeks, I have even realised I missed some mile stones, like hitting over 100 RSS subscribers (here is a copy of the image), SPAM comments have also hit over the 5k mark, thank God for Akismet ! I also see […]

42. Free Ruby on Rails Book

Do you know anything about Ruby on Rails? Would you like to build your own Ruby on Rails web applications? SitePoint is now giving away a COMPLETE COPY of Patrick Lenz’s Ruby on Rails beginners’ book for FREE. What are you waiting for? Go and grab one yourself. The offer is for limited time only. […]

46. Blogging Tip for Competitions

Last month I entered a few blogging competitions, but I realised that there is normally no real requirement for you to leave the content of your competition entry after the competition has ended. I entered the competition from David Airey, which had over 4k in prizes, but alas I didn’t win :(. On this page […]

47. September 2007 Summary

This is a summary post of what has been happening here at PreBlogging.com in the last month. It will also serve as a way for me to track my goals an to do a bit of reporting on my earnings here. Earnings in USD TextLinkAds : $0 (zero referrals) PayPerPost : $15 (1 referral) Adsense […]

48. Improve your Blog Posts

I’ve just installed “SEO Slugs” on all of my blogs. Basically it is something that will improve your slugs, or the piece of of the URL that comes after your blog directory of the post. What SEO Slugs does is it removes unnecessary common words like “the, a, and, what, etc” and makes it that […]

49. Finding Blogging Niches

Here is a run down of using Google trends for niche researching. This tool serve as a guide to picking your niche, or at the very least researching your niche. It is very important to know how often people search for your topic. This way you should be able to maximize your online earnings. Google […]

50. AdSense for Cell Phones

I’ve justed logged into my AdSense () account today to check my stats from yesterday, and I see that they are now offering people the opportunity to display ads for people who publish websites to mobile phones. AdSense Mobile The AdSense Mobile option shows up as a New Product (sorry no screenshot as I am […]

51. Stumbling Along with StumbleUpon

Here is an article I published a while back over at www.johncow.com , I have added a few more points and tips that I have ‘stumbled on‘ since writing this article What is StumbleUpon ? StumbleUpon.com is a unique website, which allows users to jump from random website to random website. It’s great for idling […]

52. Friday : Video

Here is an absolutely great video from an British chocolate company, Cadbury’s. As you can see it has nothing to do with chocolate, but it is a great ad and it is something you will remember. Blog Differently Like with this video, I would encourage you all to blog differently. Mix it up a little. […]

53. RSS Explained

Below is a great video I came across today, via tom, it explains “RSS in plain english“. If you have ever wondered what people are talking about with RSS, just grab yourself a bag of popcorn and watch this 3 minutes and 44 seconds video. It shows the two ways on how to keep up […]

54. WordPress Plugin: Ads for Enemies

Here is another interesting wordpress plugin for a wordpress dev himself Donnacha O’Caoimh. This time he calls it “Friends don’t let friends see ads” , I prefer to call it “Ads for Enemies“. This one is a really interesting one for the following facts: You can choose to let Digg/Redit/Stumbleupon visitors see ads or not. […]

55. Free visitors for your site

Last week I took advantage to get some free traffic for one of my sites with Bidvertiser. Basically they will give you a voucher for $20 to play around with their system. With this you can target some ads to your site or blog and get a few free visitors. My BidVertiser Results Below is […]

57. WordPress 2.2.3 released

I am posting this, in case any of my wordpress readers haven’t come across this news story today. 2.2.3 is a security and bug-fix release for the 2.2 series. Since this is a security release, we suggest you upgrade immediately. Two of the fixes are high priority. So WordPress has released a newer version of […]

58. FeedBurner Icon : Displaying

Earlier last month I posted about not displaying my FeedBurner Icon when it was at such a low figure. The reason being that it can be a deterrent to readers to subscribe when they see that only 5 or 10 people read your blog. It’s all about the psychology behind the numbers, if they are […]

60. Offering Email Feeds

One recent thing I’ve noticed on blogs that I read is that they don’t offer or promote their email feeds. You have to remember that not everyone who visits your blog will be so technologically advanced as you, and may not have a RSS reader service that they use. For these people, FeedBurner’s Email Subscription […]

62. Blogging Tip : Think Different

Here is a great google video I just came across on 45n5.com. Malcolm Gladwell presents some ideas and examples of thinking differently. He talks about taking a different approach to giving your customers what they want, and also explains that they might never tell you what they want. So if you have 20 minutes free […]

63. The Grand $4k competition

David Airey, from Ireland, is a logo designer who creates logos. He is holding an anniversary prize giveaway. He’s asked his readers to offer prizes, and so far there’s more than $4,000 worth in prizes! Find out how to enter by reading the details on David’s logo design blog. It is easy to enter and […]

64. Free Link Friday

So this has been a very hectic week for me here, I’ve been working on some ideas for new blogs, one sports one and one related to working abroad for some of my friends. So fingers crossed that I will be able to get them organised and launched during the next few weeks. Plus I’ve […]

65. Photo Montage – Tips via Images

Here is instalment #3 of Tips via Images, this is an idea where I bring you some tips on blogging via images I find around the place. 1) Don’t be caught sleeping, read about what’s happening in your niche, consider setting up google alerts to find out the latest news. Then you won’t be surprised […]

66. MyBlogLog longest Member

I’ve noticed today that my profile says that I have been a member of MyBlogLog.com for almost 8 years. And I am wondering if anyone out there can beat this (click on image for proof): I’ve even been a member longer that the guys who founded MyBlogLog i.e. Eric Marcoullier & Todd Sampson so how […]

68. Choosing your Blog Niche

When you are setting out to blog, it’s important that you have some topic in mind. You need to have a theme or a niche that you find interesting enough to write about. It can be sports, your local area, movies, cooking, even making money online. The only think to remember when picking your topics, […]

70. TextLinkAds Affiliate Payout

Today I was doing my bi-weekly checks on my various accounts (I find I get addicted to checking things these days, so now I try to only check them twice a week). And to my amazement I just received a signup bonus from Text-Link-Ads.com. Granted it’s not enough to change the world, but $25 is […]

71. Free Link Friday

Here we are at the end of week #3 for preblogging, and keeping in with the tradition from last friday, I am going to bring you news and links to interesting blogs WorldOfAngel.com has competition going on until this Sunday, where if you write a quick post and give them a link they will enter […]

72. Tip of the Day : About Me Page

Today’s tip is about allowing people to find out about you, to let readers have the opportunity to at least find out a little about your online persona. For this reason “about me” pages have become very popular. It can be a virtual window that will allow your readers gain a little incite about the […]

73. WordPress Plugin: Comment Referrers

Here new WordPress comments plugin developed by Donncha (a wordpress dev) – that does “a small plugin that does a small but useful task“. This plugin checks and reports where people leave comments on your blog come from. It then adds a line to the end of your comment notification or moderation email with that […]

74. My First WordPress Plugin

The first plugin I am releasing is more of a security patch. Hopefully this will help to clean up a potential security hole in WordPress, maybe WordPress will include this in their next update. People I am pinging who should think of installing this: A Blog About Nothing : http://www.ablogaboutnothing.com/wp-content/plugins/ Smemon : http://www.smemon.com/wp-content/plugins/ John Cow […]

75. Paying for Visitors with AdWords & YPN

For those of you who are thinking of starting to market your blogs a little bit more, I would recommend that you check out these two interesting offers. AdWords Startup Voucher Voucher for $50 trial of google adwords : Google AdWords Welcome Voucher If you have never used Google AdWords, you can and then apply […]

77. Free Link Friday

While this week has only been week #2 for preblogging, I think it is about time to start to link to blogs I have found very interesting in the past week or so: Cash Quests (www.cashquests.com) has a great writing style, it’s direct and to the point and with that orange theme they have going […]

78. Google Gadget Ads

Here is an interesting AdSense () advertisement I saw on my blog today. Basically it is a big call to action to get users to test to see what ads Google AdSense would publish on a give page. Google are great for testing new types of ads, and with this one I particularly think they […]

79. Photo Montage – Tips via Images

Here is a quick photo montage, inspired by this post. While the tips here are presented in a light hearted manner, the tips are quite helpful. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I need to get my hands on one of those famous golden Apple Macs before I can do some real graphic design […]

80. Top Tip of the Day : Spelling

Sometimes I come across a great blog post, and half way through I get disappointed because I realize that the person didn’t take care with their spelling. Spelling is important in every published medium and it’s something you can take care of pretty easily. Why Spelling is Important Incorrect spelling really takes away from your […]

82. AdWords Fun

Last week I decided to play around with my AdWords account and to put some ads up on JohnCow’s site which resulted in getting a “free” back link and a bit of exposure for the blog. What is AdWords ? If you already have AdSense () on your website, then you will be aware of […]

83. Blog Design Tips

Making sure you have a nice and organized blog design can make the readers experience better when visiting your blog. In this article I am going to discuss a few tips about how to layout your blog and hopefully end up with a better user experience. Recommended Additions Mugshot : One thing I add to […]

84. Is Text-Link-Ads any good ?

Text-Link-Ads have been a discussion topic for many bloggers and website owners for the last year or so. So what does this company do and how can it help you ? Read, and find out ! Guide How Text Link Ads works As a publisher, you allow someone to pay you for a link on […]

86. Google Storage Released

Just a quick note about something from Google: Google are now offering a facility to purchase some backup storage. I would have thought that they would be offering it for free, but alas that is not the case. Still at $20/year for 6GB and $250/year for 250GB it’s a pretty good offer if you have […]

87. Keep Testing & Having Fun

With a blog it’s necessary that you enjoy writing new posts and trying new things. Otherwise why do it. For me it’s the lure of making some money (granted I don’t make any on this right now) and the way you get to interact with people. So how do you make it fun ? Read […]

88. Two ways to Monetize Your Blog

Here is something quick that I came across on Seth Godins Blog , he has listed two ways to make money on your blog. One is to build your online reputation and the ability to talk to people who want to be talked to, and then the other one comes from John Unger who talks […]

89. You Comment , I Follow

By default WordPress (www.wordpress.org) installations (and other blogging SW) insert a the “nofollow” attribute to links in comments. In all of my blogs I appreciate people taking the time to add their contributions. And one way of saying thanks is to allow the links to “follow”. What does nofollow mean ? In an effort to […]

90. A Beginners Guide to Digg

Digg (www.digg.com) is a social linking site with a difference. That difference being that people can vote on other people’s submissions. Once you have read this I hope you will know that little bit more about Digg and the “Digg Effect“. How Digg Works A positive vote will rank the site higher and a negative […]

91. What is RSS & why should I use it ?

Yesterday I mentioned in my post about FeedBurner that I would put together something to explain RSS, so here is my take on things. Once you have read it I hope you will know that little bit more about RSS. What is RSS RSS is an acronym that stands for Really Simple Syndication. Yes it’s […]

92. What is FeedBurner & why should I use it ?

You may or may not have heard about FeedBurner (www.feedburner.com), but after reading this article I hope you will know that little bit more. What is FeedBurner Here it is from their own mouths… FeedBurner is a Chicago-based company that provides media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeds. Its Web-based tools, […]

93. MyBlog about Blogging

Welcome to the first post here in my blog about blogging. This site is a bit different to some of the more famous professional bloggers, i.e. ProBlogger.net and JohnChow.com these big fish focus more at the more experienced blogger. But what about the people who are thinking about embarking on a bit of blogging, and […]