Have you Heard about TNX.net ?

TNX (pronounced Thanks) is the has been generating a bit of a buzz around bloggers for a while. TNX is a a service where webmasters can get text links from other webmasters, and you can also sell links on your pages. If you are trying to promote your website or blog, then this can be an expensive method to do so, but TNX make it that little bit more affordable.

The First Experience

Here is what the main page looks like:


It’s a nice shade of blue and mix of hues, overall it is very clean and has that Web 2.0 feel. TNX.net is still a beta stage they do offer an active help forum . Once you have registered it seems funny that you don’t need to conform your account with a link in your email, as you can log in straight away. I went away and created a few campaigns and within a few days I had some nice links (PR3+) pointing to some of my sites.

How it works

  1. Sign up and get an account
  2. Install some ad code (they offer caching for busy sites)
  3. Sell your inventory get credits for what you sell
  4. Buy inventory with the credits you’ve earned (or select to get paid out)
  5. Increase your position in the SERPS

So there you have it in a nutshell. They offer two methods for running their code, but I think that they should start to force people to use the slightly more technological advanced version with the caching enabled. I really liked to hear that you can cash out your value or you can use it to buy other links. This is a nice way of keeping the users consuming and buying your product. They also offer the feature where you can send someone your TNX points. This will mean that in the future these could be almost like a commodity.

Adding a site

I found that the section for Adding a Site needs some work. When you are adding a new site (it says it can take 3 days to get approved). There are also some unclear parts in the form, they ask about the average number of pages, but it is unclear if that is sitewide, or the number of pages you want to add their code to. They do ask about visitors, but they don’t specify daily/weekly or monthly in the input field.

I think that they need to add a few more categories, or allow multiple categories. The selection of 17 different types of niches isn’t really enough IMHO.

cat list

They also fail to ask are you adding the code on a blog or a forum or a different type of site, which is a big let down IMHO.

Adding a campaign

Again this needs an admin’s approval before it actually goes live. But here you choose the PR of the page (0-5), the category, and the language of the site.
pr categories

Once you have done this you then specify what type of HTML you want to point to your site. You can specify text before, in and after the link to your site. And you can specify up to 2000 different links or styles of links per campaign. Then finally you specify what types of sites you want your links on, Yahoo backlinks, and the number of links you want. And they you have to wait for approval.

They do offer an affiliate program, which is always good to see. And they are offering free credits on Digital Point Forums at the moment for people to try things out.

Verdict on TNX.net

Since I started doing this review (last week), TNX have updated their site. This goes to show that they are committed in providing a great service. I think as their network grows that they will only get better. It is definitely a service worth checking out as a viable alternative to companies like Text-Link-Ads or LinkWorth. I really like the fact that you can reuse your earnings in the system, and it makes it more like a bartering system rather than a pay per use type service. And then there is the fact that you can select to cash out your points to PayPal when ever you want.

So if you have time, sign up for TNX and get a few free back links at the very least ! Also check out the thread at Digital Point for the free points.

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14 thoughts on “Have you Heard about TNX.net ?

  1. Signed up ! I could always do with a few more links to my site. Do they allow Gambling or Pharma links ?


  2. The links may be cheap, but their pretty much useless. 90% are warez, foreign language (russian,ukr etc) blogs etc. I’ll stick with TLA, thanks 😀

  3. I ordered some links and they showed up as sold, but I was not able to view them. So I guess they are still working on some topics.

  4. I have not tried it yet but will take some time and look into it. Finding a target, quality traffic is not easy.

  5. I was very interested in tnx.net when I first heard about them, but I was seriously put off by the fact that 1) their income ‘predictor’ they put so prominently on their site didn’t work 2) the idea of paying me in credits.

    I don’t want Monopoly money, and I don’t want to have to jump through hoops to get paid.

    I think I’ll let them get out of beta and see if things improve, but for right now, I’m passing.

  6. Jayne you have some valid points. Jayne you can always try it and get the free credits.

    I think that Google have gotten better at detecting paid links now, and they are wary of links via these programs.

  7. I’ve signed up as a member and I do agree with you some of their instructions boarders on being too simplistic to the point of of making sense.

    Can you advise me where I have to add the code to on my blog?

    If you don’t mind, please email me your advice.


  8. I personally didn’t like TNX.net from the start. They contacted me trying to “advertise” on my site but it was just a big ploy to get me signed up. I also think it’s pretty useless. I personally use Kontera and make a lot more than I did with TNX. TLA is better as well.

    Becareful about paid links though because Google’s been cracking down lately.

  9. This looks like it has good potential to bring in traffic and help with rankings. Thanks for the great writeup and information here, will head over to check this out.

  10. Adam McKerlie, you be careful buying/selling links via TLA as Google has no problem identifying all websites that have joined the TLA network.

  11. I’ve just tried tnx.net- and looking forward the results. Actually I rather pay for links then to add a php code to our pages- do not think this is too secure.

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