1. Wordze Coupon for October

I’ve been a users of Wordze since the start of this year, I’ve also used some other tools, like Google Trends and Wordtracker. But ever since I signed up I’ve been using it more and more, in fact I do 90% of my keyword reserach and data mining via this tool. As I was signing […]

2. Wordze Keyword Tool – July Offer

A fresh Wordze offer – access for the month of July for just $4.95!. All I can say is that from a lot of experience in the business, that this tool is well worth signing up for. Knowing the frequency of what people search for, and the relative frequency helps you to pick higher searched […]

3. Free FaceBook Ads $100 voucher

Maybe you have been sleeping for the past 6 months, and you are not aware of FaceBook, or FaceBookAds, here is a great way to try it. The trail is completely free, and via VISA you get a voucher for $100 worth of ads on the social network FaceBook. As part of VISA’s Business promotion, […]

5. What are the Paypal fees ?

I always have a hard time finding these… here are the current Paypal merchant fees (as of May 20th 2008) US Transactions Costs Monthly Sales Price Per Transaction $0.00 USD – $3,000.00 USD 2.9% + $0.30 USD $3,000.01 USD – $10,000.00 USD 2.5% + $0.30 USD $10,000.01 USD – $100,000.00 USD 2.2% + $0.30 USD […]

7. Learning about Website Analytics

If you are looking for an introduction to Website Analytics (i.e. looking at the statistics behind your visitors to your blog), then you should watch this video. It is based on this blog post. This is a video by Avinash Kaushik, an Evangelist for Google Analytics. He ddoes a great job talking about the background […]

9. The Quality of Entrecard traffic

I’ve been looking at my EntreCard.com traffic that I’ve been getting over the past week. EntreCard is a system, which is likened to a business card exchange. Basically you get points when you leave your card at a site and you also get points when you display the other peoples cards on your site. You […]

10. Have you Heard about TNX.net ?

TNX (pronounced Thanks) is the has been generating a bit of a buzz around bloggers for a while. TNX is a a service where webmasters can get text links from other webmasters, and you can also sell links on your pages. If you are trying to promote your website or blog, then this can be […]

12. Finding Blogging Niches

Here is a run down of using Google trends for niche researching. This tool serve as a guide to picking your niche, or at the very least researching your niche. It is very important to know how often people search for your topic. This way you should be able to maximize your online earnings. Google […]

13. Stumbling Along with StumbleUpon

Here is an article I published a while back over at www.johncow.com , I have added a few more points and tips that I have ‘stumbled on‘ since writing this article What is StumbleUpon ? StumbleUpon.com is a unique website, which allows users to jump from random website to random website. It’s great for idling […]

14. Testing BlogRush

Here is an exciting new program, called BlogRush. It reminds me of the wordpress related posts plugin, except it lists posts on other sites. And every time you show someone this list, you will get a credit to show some posts from your blog on other peoples sites. On their site they explain their referral […]

15. Free visitors for your site

Last week I took advantage to get some free traffic for one of my sites with Bidvertiser. Basically they will give you a voucher for $20 to play around with their system. With this you can target some ads to your site or blog and get a few free visitors. My BidVertiser Results Below is […]

16. Offering Email Feeds

One recent thing I’ve noticed on blogs that I read is that they don’t offer or promote their email feeds. You have to remember that not everyone who visits your blog will be so technologically advanced as you, and may not have a RSS reader service that they use. For these people, FeedBurner’s Email Subscription […]

18. AdWords Fun

Last week I decided to play around with my AdWords account and to put some ads up on JohnCow’s site which resulted in getting a “free” back link and a bit of exposure for the blog. What is AdWords ? If you already have AdSense () on your website, then you will be aware of […]