Can you Trust DealDotCom

Every now and again I look at to see what they have on offer, but so far I have not gone through with a purchase. This post is about one that showed up on the 10th of January this year. Basically it was some sort of AdSense booster, named “Ad Boost Wizard“. As far as I can remember they had a nice Javascript implementation that fixed ads on the screen on the right hand side. So, as you scroll through the webpage, the Ads would float down the page with you. It was really nice so I looked to see if I could find out more about it today, and I looked at

Sadly on this page it looks like the following :

And just for proof that DealDotCom sold this, here is a screen shot of their sales page:

To me it does some a little bit strange that 5 days after a product is on DealDotCom, it is suddenly removed. And no longer for sale. Now I can think of various reasons as to why it was pulled, but it does confuse me as to why this would be the case.

Avoiding DealDotCom

Here is another case of the so called deals that the promote are not stable and trustworthy. DealDotCom, it seems is too quick to sell any old ebook or cheap software solution. Granted brining out new deals every day can be tough, but if these deals start to sound more and more dodgy. The lack of good trustwothy stable will ultimately be the downfall of this site I think. If you are buying something from DealDotCom I would err on the side, and do some thorough investigation about the product. The first time I’ve heard of any of these deals ever existing was on DealDotCom, which might also suggest that what they are selling is really the bottom of the barrel.

This is a further reason as to why I don’t promote DealDotCom on any of my sites and blogs.