Ultimate Blogging Setup

Forget people like Darren Rowse (aka ProBlogger), or even John Cow these guys think that they have the best blogging setup out there. Well wait until you see what I will be getting :

blogging setup

I am going to take my screen setup to the next level and get my hands on one of these ! It’s one of the new Alienware’s curved monitors which has a massive screen resolution of 2880×900. Just think of all those pixels ! I really like the idea that it’s curved so that it will feel a little bit more natural when I am reading or drawing, as it will fell like my head is surrounded by the screen !

EDIT : funny that we posted this today, as 2 of the 3 linked people have updated their setups. Links updated to their latest view.

7 thoughts on “Ultimate Blogging Setup

  1. This is a joke or you are serious? I would love to see how this would fits into your office. Maybe I will be watching a video, Alien Problogger HQ soon. ­čść

  2. Nice screen… in response to Chris… who the hell is really interested in looking at the back?????? I always thought you were suposed to plong ya butt in front of the screen…


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