What is FeedBurner & why should I use it ?

You may or may not have heard about FeedBurner (www.feedburner.com), but after reading this article I hope you will know that little bit more.

What is FeedBurner

Here it is from their own mouths…

FeedBurner is a Chicago-based company that provides media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeds. Its Web-based tools, including an extensive feed and blog advertising network, help publishers promote, deliver, and monetize their content on the Web and make feed-based content more accessible and manageable for its end users.

what is feedburner

Basically it is a service for republishing your RSS feeds (article on RSS coming next). With FeedBurner you can get some interesting stats, and you can display an icon like this feedburner stats. Currently my stats are standing at 3 in this picture.

Reasons to use FeedBurner

  1. Everyone is using it. Have a look at some of the more prolific bloggers, they display their subscriber numbers and show off how popular they are.
  2. It’s also something psychological (granted I can’t really explain this) that if you show your blog is popular, it straight away gets a little respect from the reader, and they are more likely to come back and read once more.
  3. If you change your domain, and you only need to change the details on the FeedBurner website and your users are unaffected.
  4. Track your visitors, knowing how many people read your material is a great way of getting some feedback. FeedBurner can also tell you how many people read each article and where they are coming from.
  5. Easy installation, for Blogger blogs and others, they offer a simple 1 click solutions to add the call to action button to get people to subscribe to your feed.
  6. Extra Services for users, they offer an email service, that will automatically tell people when you have posted a new post, or offering links to save posts to del.ico.us or digg.com
  7. It’s Free & Easy.

FeedBurner was recently purchased by google so they are not going out of business any time soon. In fact once google bought them they made all their services FREE !

Config FeedBurner

FeedBurner is pretty easy to start and work with, but here are my top three tips to enable once you are up and running:

  1. Make sure you turn on the Pingshot service under the Publicize tab. This will inform search engines and news aggregators about a new post.
  2. You should make sure to turn on the Email Subscription option (Publicize>> Email Subscriptions). Let people have the option of getting notifications of new posts via email.
  3. Add FeedFlare (Optimize >> FeedFlare) where you can show links to digg.com / stumbleupon.com etc in your feed. There is also the option to “Email This” to forward on details of your post to someone in 1 click.

More on Feedburner

If you need more information you can view this movie on their website.

12 thoughts on “What is FeedBurner & why should I use it ?

  1. I like adding the email this and delcious tags to the bottom of my RSS Feed

    Encourages people to help you out after reading a hopefully quality blog post

  2. One of my bigger blogs has maybe 20 people who get FeedBurner email notifications, and I’ve also used the list (with their permission) to add them to my regular mailing list.

  3. I’m yet to add email subscription to any of my blogs which is pretty stupid really

    Guess ill go and add it to clickalite now 😉

  4. Wow I am really feeling the link love today ! Thanks John COW ! 😀

  5. true getting a few links from friendly people can certainly help your cause.

  6. Do I really need to use feed burner ? Or even offer people feeds in the first place ?

  7. great article. I’ve saved it to my book marks. Thanks Beckys

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