Wordze Coupon for October

I’ve been a users of Wordze since the start of this year, I’ve also used some other tools, like Google Trends and Wordtracker. But ever since I signed up I’ve been using it more and more, in fact I do 90% of my keyword reserach and data mining via this tool. As I was signing up a friend for the tool today, I saw that the regular price of $47 (which was what I paid) is now showing up as $38.98.

Wordze Price Tracking

I took a look at Archive.org to see how Wordze‘s subscription price changes over time. I was surprised to see that right back to the start of 2007 this tool cost $35. And sometime this year they raised the price to $47. So right now you can roughly get the rate they were offering in 2006 ! And a further thing I like about their offering is that once you subscribe, your subscription cost is constant.

What I do with Wordze

I was using Wordze to pull keywords from competitor sites, thus seeing where they were getting their traffic from. Then I wrote some articles and built links around them in an effort to get some of their search traffic. And it worked ! This is one of the reasons why I get so much traffic from this blog, my Alexa rating has been constantly under 200k, and every day I get around 1000 unique visitors to this blog alone. In fact one blogger even accused me of cheating in my stats (why would I ?) ! The reason I get traffic is because I have many articles on how to help bloggers start blogging, and they find them useful. I don’t need to post as often as did previously (so a little bit of research time on my part, saves me a whole bunch of time).

I’ve found that once I started researching what keywords people actually search and what I thought people search for were often two different things. For example you may search for “Blogging Tips” and write your articles targeting this, where as people actually tend to search “Blogging Help“. The difference in the traffic these two terms can bring is enormous. But if you don’t do your research you won’t ever know.

Why I like Wordze

In all honesty there is not a whole lot of difference between WordTracker and Wordze products, they do exactly what they say on the tin. One noticeable difference, is the price point, Wordtracker sells for $59/month, where as Worze currently costs under $40. If you are currently using Wordtracker, I would  recommend you switch and save yourself 50% on your keyword tool price. Both tools will give you more than enough keywords.

1 Day Trail Wordze Trial

I know  there are many readers who can’t afford to spend the $38.98 right now, but there is an option for the day trial. This costs under $8 and you will have full access to the tool for 24 hours. Before I subscribed fulltime to Wordze, what I did was I  purchased the daily access once or twice a month. I did this when I needed to do some keyword research.  For $7.95 you can have access to such strong information, things like historical keyword data are a must to have for any webmaster/blogger/affiliate marketer. If you have a website which heavily targets the Christmas market, then you don’t need data from last month or last week, you need data from last year to see what people are likely put into google.

Signup for Wordze

To find out more check our their subscription page at Wordze.com.

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3 thoughts on “Wordze Coupon for October

  1. I’ve never used this tool before. It looks like it could be of tremendous value and the fact that you get 1000 visitors per day is amazing.

    If it’s true then that’s really amazing. I’ll check out the free trail and see if this keyword tool is really worth it.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Quick note as I know people are having problems with Wordze now of days. I Levi Thornton the founder of Wordze do NOT own Wordze anylonger. It was sold to a company called Simpio based out of TX back in 2009. The new CEO is Bradley Markham. How they run the site has nothing to do with me at all!

  3. Thanks for the clarification Levi. I was surprised recently to see that the biz model had changed (no longer offering 1 day access anymore). This post is a little bit old, but it’s good to get things cleared up.

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