Wordze Keyword Tool – July Offer

A fresh Wordze offer – access for the month of July for just $4.95!.

All I can say is that from a lot of experience in the business, that this tool is well worth signing up for. Knowing the frequency of what people search for, and the relative frequency helps you to pick higher searched keywords. This will result in more traffic, and more targeted traffic.

coupon for Wordze

I can definitely say that if you have $5 to spend on a product, which normally costs $40/month, then you need to try this out. If you are serious about marketing,bloggging or SEO (or all three) this is one of the tools you should have under your belt.

keyword research with Wordze

But hurry, the offer ends on July 11th.

3 thoughts on “Wordze Keyword Tool – July Offer

  1. Seems a bit silly to invest in Wordze when Google’s external keyword tool now gives away the same information for free.

  2. hi Will, thanks for your comment.

    I have only read a little about Google opening up it’s statistics, and I guess there are some questions about accuracy. Plus I don’t like the fact that G could easily manipluate this data, i.e. they are the search engine, the ad publisher, and the keyword tool. I like that Wordze is independant.

  3. That’s not a bad offer, you won’t get much gas for $5 !


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