Blog every day

“Blogging is like exercise, do it every day to see the most progress.”

Some people ask, “how often should I blog?”, this is should probably be answered with “how long is a piece of string”. We recommend that you write something every day. You don’t have to hit publish on it, just rather you should at least flex your brain muscle and see how far you can get with writing at least some content each day.

Does it have to be new content ?

Some of the best results, SEO-wise, we’ve seen is from posts that have been kept up to date. You don’t always have to come up with new content, perhaps updating or extending an existing piece of content will have a better ROI for your time.

You should have a review cycle for all your content, looking at it again and again as you move forward will definitely help your SEO. Perhaps the new content could be linked to new posts that have been added since you wrote the piece.

We still live in a Google-SEO world where links are strong signals. So creating a web of your content and interlinking relevant content will make sure that the search engines have more signals to work on.

Updating your content regularly means that old broken links can also be removed. Also don’t forget to check for spelling mistakes ! One of our previous clients had a high number of spelling mistakes on their site, we did a review which fixed the mistakes while also increasing the level of English used. The net result was when it was reindexed it started to rank for more and more keywords, and the page converted at a higher rate. We suspected that the bad spelling mean that both search engines and customers lacked faith in the business / product.

Paul Savage runs, a SEO focused copywriting agency. Not only do they write the content for your business website / blog, but they optimise it for search engines while writing it. can help your business with a copywriting strategy.

Cloud Blogging Review

We were looking for a review of Glen’s programme, Cloud Blogging, but we weren’t able to find anything. I must admit that I was a little surprised, sure there are plenty of testimonials from his website, or on the sales page itself. But a real, third party review of the system he uses, well we were disappointed when we couldn’t find one. Perhaps Mr. Glen Allsopp (or Dirk de Bruin for that matter) , when he sees this, he will contact us and offer us a copy so that we can do a proper review, and see what the whole six module system is all about.

Often it happens that some blogger or other has success, and they publish how successful they are, and readers to the blog just see the success. They don’t see the hard work behind it. Hard work might be the actual grafting, like searching niches to find one that isn’t overly competitive, while still offering a chance to make money. Or the hard work might be more in the sphere of intellectual aspect. Glen from Viperchill has lots of great ideas, he tests them, and shares the results openly.

The hard part of setting out in making your online living is that it’s easier to make money when you are already making money online. Going from $0 to $1 per day in AdSense earning might seem easier than going from $5-$15. But we’ve seen that in fact the opposite is the case. It seems counter intuitive, but when you think about it closer you will see where we are coming from. If you are already showing some level of success, you’ve taken the steps to know what ads work on a page, where to put them on a page to  so the will be clicked, etc.,etc., then you have already show that you have the aptitude to make money. After that it’s just a scaling issue.

Wordze Coupon for October

I’ve been a users of Wordze since the start of this year, I’ve also used some other tools, like Google Trends and Wordtracker. But ever since I signed up I’ve been using it more and more, in fact I do 90% of my keyword reserach and data mining via this tool. As I was signing up a friend for the tool today, I saw that the regular price of $47 (which was what I paid) is now showing up as $38.98.

Wordze Price Tracking

I took a look at to see how Wordze‘s subscription price changes over time. I was surprised to see that right back to the start of 2007 this tool cost $35. And sometime this year they raised the price to $47. So right now you can roughly get the rate they were offering in 2006 ! And a further thing I like about their offering is that once you subscribe, your subscription cost is constant.

What I do with Wordze

I was using Wordze to pull keywords from competitor sites, thus seeing where they were getting their traffic from. Then I wrote some articles and built links around them in an effort to get some of their search traffic. And it worked ! This is one of the reasons why I get so much traffic from this blog, my Alexa rating has been constantly under 200k, and every day I get around 1000 unique visitors to this blog alone. In fact one blogger even accused me of cheating in my stats (why would I ?) ! The reason I get traffic is because I have many articles on how to help bloggers start blogging, and they find them useful. I don’t need to post as often as did previously (so a little bit of research time on my part, saves me a whole bunch of time).

I’ve found that once I started researching what keywords people actually search and what I thought people search for were often two different things. For example you may search for “Blogging Tips” and write your articles targeting this, where as people actually tend to search “Blogging Help“. The difference in the traffic these two terms can bring is enormous. But if you don’t do your research you won’t ever know.

Why I like Wordze

In all honesty there is not a whole lot of difference between WordTracker and Wordze products, they do exactly what they say on the tin. One noticeable difference, is the price point, Wordtracker sells for $59/month, where as Worze currently costs under $40. If you are currently using Wordtracker, I would  recommend you switch and save yourself 50% on your keyword tool price. Both tools will give you more than enough keywords.

1 Day Trail Wordze Trial

I know  there are many readers who can’t afford to spend the $38.98 right now, but there is an option for the day trial. This costs under $8 and you will have full access to the tool for 24 hours. Before I subscribed fulltime to Wordze, what I did was I  purchased the daily access once or twice a month. I did this when I needed to do some keyword research.  For $7.95 you can have access to such strong information, things like historical keyword data are a must to have for any webmaster/blogger/affiliate marketer. If you have a website which heavily targets the Christmas market, then you don’t need data from last month or last week, you need data from last year to see what people are likely put into google.

Signup for Wordze

To find out more check our their subscription page at

wordze signup

Shoemoney Tools First looks

Update 27/10/2008: This is just my personal experience and it may or may not be valid for you. As I mentioned I signed up for ShoemoneyTools. I played around with the tools for a few days and I even bought a domain name through the market place. It was a domain that had some potential, with some .edu/.gov links so I was happy enough to pay an extra $15 before registering the domain, to test out this method at least. My tests are still running…

I took advantage of the $20 introductory offer, but as I didn’t know if I wanted to subscribe, I cancelled my subscription about 10 days into the program. This was in case I forgot about the subscription and spent $100 by mistake. But once I removed the subscription from PayPal I was left without access to the toolset. Every time I logged in it redirected me to PayPal to subscribe. So I contacted the support, and a guy called Mike said it was in the FAQ and TOS that once you cancelled your membership you couldn’t get back in. I could understand this (in some ways) but at the time (it has since been changed) it was not possible to see these FAQs and TOS before signed up as a member for the tools. The support guy wasn’t offering any help (even after I had submitted some bug reports about the tool. So I CC’d Jeremy and he replied almost straight away saying that he would fix things, just asking for my username. I gave him the details, but still didn’t get my access back to the tools, I even sent a reminder a week later, and still no joy. So now for my $20 I got access to a service for 2 weeks, when I should have gotten 4.

Review ShoeMoney Tools

This morning I finally took the plunge and signed up for Jeremy Schoemaker’s (AKA Shoemoney, Shoemoney Tools ( He’s been talking about it for a while, and in the blogosphere it has gotten some good reports .

The first look at the collection of the tools has left me very (very) impressed. The tools are in 3 sections, SEO Tools, PPC Tools and Link Building Tools. The one I’m having fun with right now is the Link Building tool, it offers 4 ways of finding good links for your blog.

Link Building Tool

I’ve only been playing around with this for a bit and I’ve already found some nice, new, ways to get some links. The tool offers 4 ways of getting links for your blog:

  • Related Blog Posts (seeks out similar blog posts on a certain topic, and shows you how to ping them, and other nice things)
  • Most Linked (shows you what domains are being linked to for a specific niche, i.e. association to other popular blogs)
  • Backlink Analyzer (will perform a full report on your competitors links)
  • Find Backlinks (Check where your top 10 keyword competitors are getting their best links from and displays them from highest PR to lowest)

These tools alone can show you many ways to get links to improve your website rankings. If you are committed to increasing your blogs’ presence, then this is the tool for you. Of course everything comes with a price.

The Price

Of course these tools aren’t for free. These tools require access to large databases, spiders and other technology that I don’t know. Needless to say there is some serious processing power behind it. It will cost you $100/month, and thinking of the advantages you can get with this it’s certainly well worth the money. Right now I have only shown you about 20% of what the tools can do, there are other tools like the Domain MarketPlace, has some serious money making potential. More about it once I dig deeper. You can check it out for yourself on

shoemoney tools

Facebook Ads get their billing wrong

When you have more than one advertising method, it’s always a good idea to check on their billing. These networks do make mistakes, here is one example.


We experienced an issue this week where we may have charged your credit card for Facebook Ads although you had an active advertising credit on your account. We sincerely apologize for this error and any confusion it may have caused. We’ve now refunded these charges to your credit card. There may be a delay before this refund is processed by your credit card issuer. If we tried to charge your card and the payment failed, this charge has been cancelled. You will not be charged again for these ads.

Thanks again for advertising with Facebook Ads.


The Facebook Ads Team

I know that Facebook put some charges on my credit card, that weren’t warranted.